Usher’s Girlfriend Grace Outed As Kanye West’s Former Jumpoff & More Tea

grace and usher

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Usher and Tameka Raymond might have had a bitter divorce and a very nasty child custody battle that eventually ended in Usher’s favor, but it seems like that besides Tameka; most of Usher’s girlfriends have been very low profile. Chilli is the only famous girlfriend Usher has ever dated publicly, and although she recently revealed that she still loves him; his current boo thang Grace Miguel is a music industry executive who seems to do a great job of keeping her business off of the gossip blogs. And we can’t say we ourselves have ever heard much except that she’s extremely on the bossy side and in charge of just about everything that involves Usher’s career. And recently, Tameka claimed she was behind the custody case, and revealed exactly why. Well according to some recent gossip on Mouth to Ears, Grace is not only an alleged groupie, but she’s also allegedly behind Usher’s firing of his own mother as his manager. We find that interesting since Grace appears to be managing him now.

Anyway, here’s the first report that reveals Grace’s alleged past with Kanye West:

Usher is very good at manipulating the media because of the stigma that comes with Tameka’s aggressive character. Our source told us some more scoop that makes us wonder if Grace is SUCH a good role model for his kids as well .Our source alleges that Grace while dating QTIP when he wrote “Bonita Applebum” about her forced him to end the relationship because she was banging one of his friends .

As if that wasn’t enough our highly placed source said Grace had a TRAIN ran on her by a FAMOUS Rocafella artist who is now dating a reality star . That doesn’t take a genius to figure out . WOW. This is about to get messy and nasty ! We wouldn’t be surprised if someone had Grace’s ass on tape ……………………….

This was a blind item on the blog, but we’ll just make it clear…this was clearly about Kanye West, a Rocafella artist who is currently dating Kim Kardashian, a reality star.

The site’s source also alleges that it was Grace Miguel and not Tameka Raymond, who talked Usher into firing his Mom as his manager:

“Grace is involved in Usher’s life in every form. She forced him to get a new bodyguard, accountant and booking agent. His mother was so worried about Tameka but Grace was the one that fired her. Grace is down with team swing , and I heard that her and Usher get their T.I and Tiny on when it comes to the bedroom. Grace can use big words and woe Usher but she cant razzle dazzle Tameka. Grace is not new she worked at Def Jam for years and they are all 3 in the industry. I don’t want to reveal who I am but what I will say is that although they might have divorced 2009 that does not mean it was over in 2009. And I will leave it at that. In between popping pills and banging backs out Usher needs to WAKE UP. Its funny how he filed these court documents on January 2011 but made it public 2 weeks ago to make Tameka look crazy. I am not in their relationship so I’m not sure what it is ALL about but I do know it is deeper than a Saks card. Tameka can be many things but a bad mom she isn’t. Trying to rip a mother from her kids because you couldn’t be faithful and work it out is dirty.”

Interesting. We don’t know how true these claims are, but we do know that Usher has been paying off the gossip blogs (especially TMZ) to write to his advantage for a few years now. Maybe that explains why any gossip on Grace hasn’t gone mainstream, yet. And we certainly think a lot of that is about to change, especially since Usher’s media manipulation has finally been revealed by ABC, Bossip, and more to come in the next few weeks.


  1. I heard this a couple of years ago. Look, I live in Atlanta, and I told yall a few times now that Usher is an a–hole. People know how shady he is, but Tameka gets blamed for everything because she’s crazy as hell. But Usher ain’t no saint. And his gf Grace is one of the shadiest chicks in the business. She was cool with Tameka and courted him while he was married to her. I don’t doubt that she’s a groupie.

    1. rumor has it that Grace Miguel and Usher had an argument and Grace gave Usher his ring back and Usher has since slept around with Debbie St John from Kensington and Chelsea who is now Pregnant and so is Rebecca from the Smoke Shop in Sunset Bouleyard 2 weeks each. Usher has also been having orgies with men. 27 September 2015

  2. LOL so he DOES pay the blogs! It makes sense now. It’s a damn shame how dirty and separate these bloggers can be. These bloggers need to do their damn jobs and stop being so biased.

  3. Well we know people will read this and think it was planted by Tameka. People are so damn gullible all the time. Grace could be a cat killer and still get a pass from the blogs. But Tameka can’t even tweet without it spreading like wildfire. I just wish people would start telling all sides of the story when it comes to Usher’s a–.

  4. Celebs have been paying off the media forever. Blogging is just a little different. Bloggers have a lot more power and they are paid by some people accordingly because of it. I already know about Grace, but she and Usher are gung ho on monitoring the blogs and paying people off. But after this child custody case, people just started asking questions and challenging what’s been reported. And it’s about damn time.

  5. I don’t know these any of these people personally, but I don’t like how Tameka is always ganged up on. Actually, I’m SICK of it. And I know Grace has some skeletons in her closet (everyone does) but I do not doubt that Usher is paying the press to finish off Tameka. He won’t stop until she kills herself. The hate he has for her is very obvious.

  6. If this is true, this will not be a good look for Usher as far as his PR and in the court of public opinion. His image took a hit during the Custody Hearing.

  7. I am no longer an Usher fan. This guy has the nerve to let this woman dictate his life and career to the point where he is taking his kids away from their mom just so she can play house. This guy makes me sick!

    1. lmao Tameka you are running from blogs to blogs to spread lies. I pray for you. You should take care of your last son and stop being worried about Usher.

      For the record Usher cheated on Tameka but Tameka cheated on Ryan Glover, left her kids and married Usher. She lost him the way she got him.

  8. Not that I don’t believe that…I do believe everything that’s said but em and will always be Usher’s fan forever!!!!!<3<3<3<3

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