Tameka Raymond’s Lawyer Requests A New Trial, Custody Battle Continues

tameka raymond usher child custody appeal

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Tameka and Usher Raymond nasty custody battle is far from over. Although the R&B singer was granted his request of parental custody over his two young sons from his former marriage with Tameka, as we recently reported, we just knew Tameka wasn’t giving up that easily. Especially when those that attended the hearing say the evidence presented against Tameka failed to truly demonstrate her inability to take care of her kids properly. Then there’s those allegations of Usher’s attorney having a close relationship with the judge that presided over the case, and that recorded taunting phone call Usher made to Tameka 24 hours after the closing arguments were made, in which he assured Tameka that he had won that case and her chance of seeing her kids were shot to hell. And it has already been revealed that Usher has been paying off the blogs to write in his favor, and it hasn’t been too hard to do since Tameka is a firecracker. So with all of those pieces of information floating around, it was no surprise when Tameka made it clear that she would be appealing. Now it’s being said that her attorney has already made the first move.

According  to Atlanta blogger ATLien, Tameka’s attorney has filed a motion for a new trial:

Usher Raymond’s ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, is not giving up without a fight… and with her kids involved, who could blame her!

As you know, after a months long battle, a Fulton County judge ruled in the R&B superstar’s favor in the custody battle after he filed to obtain sole custody of their two young sons.

Nothing was ever proven that Tameka is/was an unfit parent, and there were mumblings online and off that Usher’s mega pockets may have influenced the outcome.

Today, Lisa West, the attorney who represented Tameka in the bitter custody battle filed a HUGE motion where she is requesting a new trial in the case…. and the facts being presented in the motion are EXPLOSIVE!

Tameka’s lawyer alleges that John Mayoue, Usher’s attorney, has won EVERY case that he has ever brought in front of Judge Bensonetta Tipton-Lane, the Fulton County judge who ruled in the custody case.

The legal requirement is that cases be randomly and evenly assigned to judges upon filing, since January 1, 2008, John Mayoue has had 100% of his highest profile cases before this court.

Also according to the legal documents filed today, Mr. Mayoue “garnered 83% of the contributions” made for Judge Bensonetta Tipton-Lane’s reelection campaign…

The Motion also alleges that the Judge did NOT disclose the fact that she had that relationship with John Mayoue prior to the start of the case. Tameka’s attorney says it’s the judge’s responsibility to disclose that information and NOT the attorney’s job to seek it.
While none of this means that a new trial will be granted, it’s interesting that it’s all being brought to light, so some answers will definitely have to be given.

This hasn’t been reported yet by the bigger media outlets, but as we already know, they tend to report what they want when it comes to this Usher and Tameka custody beef.

In related news, we did hear that Tameka’s lawyer has also gotten on her about her Twitter account. And just to improve her odds of having a fair trial this time around, she’s been advised to keep it cute with her tweets. Maybe that explains why she’s deleted so many of them. Smart move.

Story developing.


  1. I’m glad her lawyer told her to chill out on those Twitter rants. I’m pretty sure they did hurt her. People will take anything and judge a person they don’t like in the first place.

    1. Girl, Yass!!! People are saying she’s not fit to be a mother because of her Tweets. What in the hell? I didn’t know a woman’s mothering capabilities were solely based off her Twitter behavior. Besides, most grown folks tweet things they shouldn’t , these places are avenues to vent. People are ignorant.

  2. Good for her. Hopefully they will get a new trial and things will be more fair. But hey, money talks and Usher has enough of it to keep talking for a while unfortunately.

  3. This is why they both should have just stuck to the joint custody agreement. And actually honored it. But they let egos get in the way of their judgment.

  4. Usher’s nit going to allow a fair trial to happen. Why? Because he knows that ain’t nothing wrong with Tameka’s a–. She’s not a punk, but she’s not a bad mom. And probably not a bad person. He wouldn’t have married her if she was so terrible. Just sayin.

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