Nicki Minaj Receives Death Threats For ‘Endorsing’ Mitt Romney in Rap Verse (Update)

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj is known for being controversial. Rather it’s her image, fashion choices, beefs with other female rappers, lyrics, or even her rumored diva antics; the larger than life female rapper knows how to garner attention from her fan base and critics alike. Unfortunately for Nicki, sometimes the attention isn’t positive. And this time, Nicki Minaj is making headlines for what many believe may be some rather interesting political beliefs. With her recent lyrics suggesting that she’s a supporter of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, some suggest the Head Barbie may have went too far. In addition to upsetting some of her own fans with this political punch line, she’s even outraged some of President Obama’s biggest supporters who feel the female rapper could possibly use her influence to get her young fan base to sway away from the Democratic ticket.

Nicki Minaj did a freestyle verse on the Mercy instrumental which was originally produced by Kanye West. Here’s the lyrics in question:

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy b***hes is f-ing up the economy.”

Well it appears there’s a group of people who took their enthusiasm for President Obama and disgust with Nicki Minaj’s “endorsement” of Mitt Romney a little too far. Yesterday on Twitter, Nicki Minaj received death threats for her political rap lyrics. Check out the tweets gathered by Weasel Zippers:

nicki minaj death threats mitt romney

nicki minaj mitt romney death threats

Honestly, we find all of this rather sad and pretty interesting. Firstly to be fair, Nicki has already made her support of President Obama clear. And she’s also a big supporter of free health care for all . And that clearly goes against Republican beliefs. So we’re thinking this was just another one of her punch lines, and it just went terribly wrong. Regardless, Nicki hasn’t said a thing nor tweeted about the controversy.


Update: It was only a matter of time before someone did some digging for Nicki’s voting records. Turns out, Gawker has discovered that she isn’t even registered to vote:


“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney.”
Fact check: Mostly false. A search of voter rolls in California and New York, where Minaj maintains homes, comes up empty; which means that not only is Minaj not a registered Republican voting for Mitt Romney, she’s not voting at all unless she registers soon. (It’s also unclear whether or not Minaj, who was born in Trinidad and Tobago, is an American citizen.)


  1. People are stupid and hateful for no damn reason. I doubt she’s a Republican, but if she was, now we want to hate people for their opposing political beliefs? I’m for Obama too, but I refuse to hate or want the people who aren’t killed. Twitter is the damn devil.

  2. Oh this is just Nicki’s karma. Trust. I don’t know if yall know or not, but she sics of her little barbies on people all the time. The recent person they went after was some blogger and they tweeted that person death threats as well. And Nicki thought it was funny and cute and continued to encourage it. So no, I don’t feel bad for her. She finally got a taste of her own medicine. Don’t dish what you can’t take your damn self.

  3. These little young kids on Twitter are psychotic. They are violent and hateful for absolutely no reason. The real question here is why is this generation so damn angry? They even take their stanning to scary levels. Politics can bring out the worst in people, but these young people are sick. Not cool at all.

  4. What an offensive rap verse. Can’t say I’m surprised that she would say anything like that. She also referred to other black women as nappyheaded h-es in one of her rap songs. Look, this chick has been poisonous for a good minute now. She has a whole fan base of young girls and it scares me. She’s already taught them to hate themselves and wear these ridiculous wigs and weaves and hate their natural texture. Remember when they went after Lil Mama for wearing her natural hair? How can she sit up and call people “lazy” when studies have shown most of the people unemployed are actively seeking work?! She doesn’t deserve death threats, but she is a negative influence on young people, and perhaps she sees now how it feels to be on the opposite end.

  5. I’m sorry, Nicki Minaj is an idiot. Her “punch lines” have always been extremely wack and corny to me and this is a perfect example of that. She tries too hard and her stans are too basic to see that she doesn’t have any real talent. Can’t wait for her to go away. And let’s just leave the female rap game alone after that. The best have already came and done it, and they retired. These young chicks are terrible. All of them. And Azealia’s gross too.

    1. But Peachy, you’re a Lil Kim fan. Please explain to me how rapping about giving men b-ow jobs constitutes as talent? Nicki can literally rip all those old female rappers to shreds. The only exception would be the originals like Latifah, Lyte, and maybe even Lauren. But seriously Foxy, Kim, and on up ain’t nothing special. Yall giving those washed up chicks way too much credit.

  6. People are taking themselves and Nicki Minaj way too damn seriously. Seriously, some of these people with Twitter accounts need to go read a book and/or study. Their priorities are way out of place.

  7. So a black entertainer cannot be a Republican? We have to threaten their lives if they are not necessarily in lock-step with Obama. I am a democrat but this stuff just makes all of us look absolutely stupid and foolish to threaten this woman over a rap verse. Stupid.

  8. Nicki is a bird but this was totally uncalled for. But yeah, I highly doubt she’s a republican though. Just another weak punchline of hers, I’m sure.

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