Nicki Minaj Confirms She is Not a ‘Republican Voting For Mitt Romney’

nicki minaj not a republican

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been a crazy few days for female rapper Nicki Minaj. After a controversial rap verse leaked that exposed the pop star making what sounded like an endorsement for Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, immediately backlash for the lyrics went viral. Besides getting her mentions flooded with nasty tweets from her critics, Nicki even lost some of hardcore fans with the “endorsement.” And it was only a matter of time before she received death threats, all for showing what some thought was genuine support for Mitt Romney. And let’s not forget that long and controversial letter a young woman left on her Facebook profile about the lyrics. That young woman even went as far as to suggest that Nicki MInaj hates herself and black women.

Welp, Nicki Minaj has finally spoken out about the lyrics. And it appears she’s only done so because President Obama spoke out on them first.

In a recent interview at Power 953 in Orlando, when asked about how he felt about Nicki endorsing Mitt Romney, Obama pretty much stated that he figures it’s nothing more than a lyrical punchline:

“I’m not sure that’s actually what happened. I think she had a song on there, a little rap that said that. She likes to play different characters,” Obama said.

Nicki heard the President’s repsonse, and tweeted about the matter:

nicki minaj did not endorse mitt romney

She also expressed that she’s proud that he even addressed the whole controversy:

nicki minaj not a republican

Oh and she threw some shade to the haters, of course:

nicki minaj not republican


  1. Then that was a wack a– rap verse. I wish she would just go away. And she’s calling people stupid for not “getting” her lyrics, well she’s a little stupid for not catching that shade President Obama threw her way. Idiot.

  2. Wait a minute, so she thought that lyric was a metaphor and hard for people to understand? She’s even dumber than I thought. People took it at face value because it was a childish a– verse that didn’t require any thought.

  3. LOL!!! And you people are STILL bitter. And it just proves that it doesn’t matter what Nicki does, you guys have a problem with it. Doesn’t matter, she’ll keep on winning while your faves make sandwiches and roll blunts on Twitter. You mad? 🙂

  4. Oh. Well, maybe the real problem is her verses are so stupid that even the President has to guess what they mean. #shrugs

    1. I’m sorry love, what is there to “hate” on exactly? Take away Nicki’s money and you have what? Nothing. An empty, bottomless soul, who has a hideous attitude. She contributes no good to the world, and I’m sure her life isn’t all the great as an outcome. She can hide behind the tweets all she wants, but I know her life ain’t grand. And I know her feelings got hurt behind this whole situation. It should have humbled her, but it didn’t, and her career will eventually be over as a result of her bad choices and irresponsible lyrics.

  5. well, I am a Nicki fan and will always be. I think its hilarious that all these people are upset over lyrics in a song. Its quite ridiculous actually. Everyone sitting high on their soapbox and pointing fingers. Well lets be real, majority of people that are mad are females, and everybody knows females don\’t like other females.Secondly, those same females will bash her for doing her thing will then turn around and dance to a song by some lame dude telling them to make it clap or bend over or whatever. Furthermore,no one knows her soul or who she really is,with that being said how dare you judge her or anybody else. The long and short of it goes like this she goes to work and makes money it just so happens she is paid to entertain, be it something good or something you may consider bad, at the end of the day its entertainment. If half of you were this passionate about legitimate topics, society and politics wouldn\’t be the abomintations they are. oh, and did it on\’em is the sh-t…..start complaining here………………..

  6. i love was just a metaphor punchline so of course the dumb ppl dont get it..only true nicki fans would understand what she talking bout.while yall worried bout who she voting for ,yall need to make sure yall registered to vote and get off her d*ck ..#teamobama #teamminaj

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