Rasheeda Goes Off About Pedophile Allegations Between Kirk & Stepdaughter

rasheeda kirk stepdaughter pedophile

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Just days after rumors spread around on the black celebrity gossip blogs that Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost slept with his own step daughter and got her pregnant, the couple has been forced to publicly address the nasty rumor. For many, it just seems like the rumor came out of nowhere, but some oldheads in Atlanta claim the talk has been going on for years. And allegedly, the story is that Kirk embarked on a sexual relationship with his own step daughter from his first marriage, and the inappropriate sexual relationship led to her pregnancy. Although Kirk has already denied the allegations and expressed his outrage with the claims he suggests are false, it hasn’t stopped people from talking about it. Rasheeda however, has been trying to maintain the high road and not bow down to the pressures of the allegations. But it appears that Rasheeda too has had enough about the claims that have painted her husband of over a decade as a pedophile.

Not too long ago, Rasheeda took to her Twitter account and went off about the rumors of Kirk Frost being a pedophile who had a sexual relationship with his own stepdaughter, therefore fathering her child:

rasheeda kirk frost stepdaughter pedophile

Interestingly enough, it appears that those claims of this rumor being old gossip might have been confirmed. It looks like rapper Gucci Mane himself dragged the couple in one of his songs a couple of years ago, and he alleged in the lyrics that Kirk is a pedophile and engaging in some DL activities in Atlanta.

Oh goodness. Here’s the track and some interesting tidbits about the diss:

In the song Gucci rapped about Kirk being gay and having a gay lover, while blasting Rasheeda for not trying to rap, being old, looking tacky and has no a–!

He raps,

“I’m the type to hit park and drop my top, and your the type a guy baby mamma at da bus stop, now i’m the type a guy swing on you when i see you, you got on them dickies i got on them pu–y’s, i’m the type a guy keep money cuz i be HUSTLIN, you’re the type a guy i use to pay to tow my luggage, and you’re the type a guy hit the mall but window shoppin, Gucci can i be yo hype man HELL naw you Garbage.”

Rasheeda who has been an undercover rapstress for the past three years, with Kirk being called gay by many fans of the show, Gucci then raps on verse two of the track,

“You’re the type a Bi*ch old as hell still tryna rap, and i’m the type a ni–a young as hell an i run the trap, now you’re the type a freak say lick your Georgia PEACH, you married to a lame and dat lame don’t wont no BEEF, now he the type a ni–a that a old lame a– Bi*ch a want, aint never drank no beer aint Never rolled no Blunt, now she da type of girl aint got no a– on her back, know Kirk aint got no money I heard she fu*Kin Cat, now Jase da type of guy go both ways like I dont know, I heard he fuckin Kirk in da a– on da D low,now Jase da type of guy tell u u gon make millions, but he’s a petifile on da low he fu*kin children”

We have a feeling that this is about to hit the fan.


  1. I’m sorry, I don’t really think I can believe this at this point. No one has any proof. Not a soul. I know you can’t put anything past people, but Kirk doesn’t even come off like he’s dirty enough to do something like this. And I don’t think Gucci Mane rapping about a rumor makes it true. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Not sure who started this rumor but Kirk’s ex wife who is the mother of the child they are talking about was at Kirk and Rasheeda’s vow renewal ceremony. There’s no beef there and that’s why I give this story the side eye.

  3. If this story is old gossip, then it sounds like Rasheeda and Kirk need to get their lawyers involved. These blogs shouldn’t be able to post libel things like this and get away with it. Especially if they are presenting it as fact,

  4. Kirk seems like a good guy but you just never know with people. I would imagine a pedophile would have to come off like a nice guy to commit the crime, right? How else would kids keep silent? But people do lie all the time for blog hits…

  5. Raheeda is This wack to still not keep it real about it His daughter has two Sons one is Kirks Point Blank. EVERYONE in The A knows EVERYONE in the inner Circle This isnt a secret at all for Rasheeda to still play herself after it came out is so Lame The daughter is a wanna be singer Kirk promised her a deal I wish I could really say what I know Bottom line is God knows and Rasheeda is being abused Mentally by a Old G pimp that sleeps with his daughter.That Sad Broke Pimp got Game I guess, Really Look at his eyes in his face the next time you can tell hes a slime Ball put it like this watch how the Inner circle starts to keep their distance from them Both.If you can read her the daughter tweets she\’s falling apart on her timeline

  6. Rasheeda was only 15 or 16 when she and Kirk got together and he was an adult married man with children so really that does make him a pedophile..I do like Kirk but it is what it is..

    1. I just wanted to correct you about Rasheeda’s age…I’m from the A and I can tell you that Rasheeda is about 40 years old. That birth date on her bio and Wikipedia page is fake. She’s been rapping for a good minute in the A. She wasn’t 15 or 16 when she met Kirk.

  7. k.michelle is telling the truth becuse what every epesode of toya intervew sound so dum lol a kid . k.michelle girl don’t worry about that it will be good you now what he did and he know to.rassheeda sound dum

  8. Even though there’s no proof I believe it’s true. I don’t think anyone would put so much energy in such a horrible rumor if it wasn’t true. People have been talking about this for years. He won’t confirm or deny it. I think it’s true.

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