Chad Johnson Wants People to Stop Saying Evelyn Destroyed His Life

chad and eve

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Evelyn and Chad may be over, but it seems like most people aren’t ready to move on from the controversy that caused the former couple to call it quits. When reports broke the news of Chad being arrested for head butting Evelyn, many people began to speculate that it was more to the story than an argument over a box of condoms enraging Chad to the point of head butting his reality television star wife. Not too long after being arrested for assaulting Evelyn, Chad seemed to lose everything. He first lost his job as a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, he and Evelyn lost their show that was scheduled to debut on VH1 this Fall, and then he abruptly lost Evelyn; she decided to file for divorce because she thought there was no way to heal a marriage as broken as the one she felt she had with Chad. And days after losing everything, mistress after mistress began to give their accounts of Chad’s refusal to be faithful to Evelyn, and it was clear then that it’s probably safe to say his future in the NFL is non-existent for a while.

Regardless of losing just about everything, Chad has made it clear to the media that he wants to fight for his marriage. After getting a tattoo of Evelyn’s face on his right leg,  no one was surprised when reports leaked that Chad was refusing to sign divorce papers.

But because of Evelyn’s horrible behavior on Basketball Wives, many began to question Evelyn’s innocence in the whole matter. Some even went as far as saying that Evelyn ruined Chad’s life.

Welp, looks like Chad doesn’t agree with that theory:

chad and eve

In related news, Chad has officially been charged with first-degree misdemeanor domestic battery. He will be arraigned today, and is facing up to one year in prison:


chad ev court


  1. So sad. I really wish things didn’t end up the way they did, but I respect him for taking full responsibility for what happened. He could have pulled a Memphitz and he didn’t. That says a lot about his character.

  2. I agree with Chad. He was the one that was sexing all those other white women on the side and then head butting Evelyn once she found out.

    1. I’d suspect that if his initial allegation was true, he’s just taking responsiblity for it out of love (or whatever you want to call it) for her. He clearly still loves her and still wants to be with her. Does it make sense? *shrug* Depends on who you ask. All I’m suggesting is that her headbutting him is still a possibility, and his taking the blame for the domestic incident is very likely.

        1. I am happy that he is owning up to his mistakes. But Chad you have to face reality for what it is. And that is there were never any negative reports on you until you got with her. I feel that you deserve better and she is making all of this about her….I feel like she has ruined your life. Somethings should just be dealt with in private. The whole world does not have to know all of your business…Let go and let GOD Chad because you deserve better…..

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