Judge Denies Tameka Raymond’s Request For A Retrial

tameka usher no retrial

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Just a few weeks after Usher Raymond was declared the winner of the nasty custody battle between him and Tameka, it was revealed shortly after that Tameka Raymond would continue her quest to fight back for full custody of the former couple’s sons. One of the reasons Tameka felt like the judge’s decision wasn’t a fair one was due to the fact that Usher’s attorney has a long time relationship with the judge that presided over the case. There are also talks of Tameka having a recording of a taunting phone call Usher made to her 24 hours after the closing arguments, in which he basically revealed that he was full aware that his connections had won him custody of the kids.

Tameka and her legal team have been working diligently for a new trial and Tameka has even been careful of her behavior on her Twitter account to ensure that she would be granted a retrial. Unfortunately for Tameka, none of these things would deem worth enough for another trial. According to recent reports, the judge has shot down Tameka’s request for a retrial:

Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond just lost ANOTHER round in her custody battle with the singer … the judge shot down her request for a retrial … but Tameka’s not giving up.

As TMZ first reported, Tameka filed docs earlier this month demanding a second bite of the apple after Usher was awarded primary custody of the couple’s two kids. Tameka claimed the judge is biased because she accepted campaign donations from Usher’s lawyer.

But this week, the same judge rejected Tameka’s motion — claiming it’s been public knowledge since 2008 that Usher’s lawyer donated to her re-election campaign … and if Tameka cared to look, she would have found out long before her custody trial.

It’s also being reported that Tameka plans to also repeal this decision.


  1. SMH. Tameka won’t win this battle. As long as Usher has money, he will keep winning. In this life, unfortunately, people with money can afford to buy whatever they want. Even the suffering of others. She just needs to find comfort in the fact that we all have to face God when we die, and that is when people like Usher will ultimately get theirs. He could see it in his lifetime, but even if he doesn’t, Tameka has to find peace in knowing that God sees all and pays back all evil deeds.

  2. Of course the SAME JUDGE denied the request. She was paid off well by Usher. Let karma do it’s work and move on Tameka. Not everyone is drinking Usher’s koolaid anymore and that’s her true victory,

  3. Sad to hear this but she’s still going to fight it, so I’m glad about that. Usher is wrong for all of this but hey, he’s been shady for years. He regrets marrying Tameka, but I’m sure after all of this the feeling is mutual.

  4. This whole situation is a damn shame. Sad to say it but money talks, Tameka will look back on this one day and realized that it was a waste of time and happiness. Let God deal with people who have wronged you. I don’t care how successful Usher is now, he will get his eventually. And so will all these other athletes using their money to buy their children and take them from their mothers out of spite. That includes D-Wade and his tramp a– girlfriend who’s just as ran through as Kim Kardashian.

  5. I wish this woman would just get a damn life! Get a new man, grow your own business and get your own money and show his punk a– that you don’t need him! That will hurt his arrogant a– more than anything else! I promise!

  6. Wow… Well, Usher won this battle. I feel for the kids in this, however. He needs to keep Tameka and those kids close together.

  7. It serves Tameka Right! All I can say is Karma is a B! You do not leave your kids with a nanny to travel halfway around the world to get your nose done!

  8. why are people making Usher look like such a bad guy because he wants to take care of his children and spend time with them

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