Post Usher’s Interview, Tameka Says Oprah’s Using Black Celebs For Ratings

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Usher and Tameka Raymond’s custody battle has been making the headlines for the last few months due to how nasty the battle got between the former spouses. During the custody trial, both sides threw out allegations of one another; and eventually Usher’s cheating ways were revealed and confirmed, while Tameka had to come clean about her criminal past. Eventually, Usher did end up getting full custody of their two sons, just a few weeks shy after Tameka Raymond lost her young son Kile Glover (from her first marriage) to a tragic jet ski accident. Of course, Tameka decided to file an appeal, especially since she felt the trial had not been fair, considering that Usher’s attorney was allegedly friends with the judge that presided over the trial, and even helped raised money for the judge’s campaign. Not to mention Tameka recorded a alleged taunting phone call Usher made to her 24 hours after the closing arguments were made, a sure sign to Tameka that Usher had unfairly used his connections and money to take the boys away from her. But after her lawyer filed a request for a retrial, the judge recently denied Tameka’s request.

And of course, after all of that drama went down with the two over the custody of their sons, Oprah Winfrey reached out to Usher’s camp to get him to agree to doing an exclusive tell all interview. Usher obliged, and he agreed that the interview would be his first and last about the custody battle between him and Tameka.

In the interview, Usher revealed to Oprah that he did in fact cheat on Tameka with one of her  bridesmaids, what went wrong in their marriage, and that he even regretted getting married.

Tameka, however, has been on her best behavior lately on Twitter, and she hasn’t had a rant since the trial wrapped up. As we recently reported, Tameka’s been asked to clean up her Twitter behavior so she could possibly get a fair retrial.

So she didn’t say too much while the world watched Usher’s interview with Oprah, but she did make it clear about how she feels about Oprah at this point.

From the looks of this tweet, Tameka thinks the timing of Oprah’s interviews with popular black celebs is too convenient, especially since the numerous reports of Oprah facing trouble in keeping the network afloat due to low ratings:

tameka raymond usher oprah interview

So what do you think? Is Tameka just being salty or could she really have a point? Do you think Oprah is using black celebs to save her failing network?


  1. I agree with Tameka, Oprah is using people to save her network. But she should! Running a network requires smart business decisions. Hell, I’m sure it’s why she interviewed the Kardashians. And according to some recent news article I’ve read, this seems to be working. Her ratings are up.

  2. I don’t even like Tameka, but she’s telling the damn truth. Before Oprah left her show on ABC, you had to be an A List black celeb to even get an invite on her show. If the white people didn’t like you, you couldn’t come on her show. But now she’s running after any black celeb who stupid enough to do her show. She uses them for ratings. Just like the one with Rihanna. Why didn’t she invite Rihanna on her show before OWN? She’s a damn sellout and I’m over her.

  3. She only said what a lot of people have been thinking. Oprah is interviewing a lot of people she wouldn’t have dared allowed on her talk show. It’s business yes, but it makes her seem like an opportunist.

  4. It’s true, but it doesn’t make Oprah different from any other journalist. You want people that will draw in the big numbers. Hell, even bloggers do what Oprah does. They only post about the people they know will get the reads. It’s just how it works. She’s in the process of saving her network. I don’t really see a problem.

  5. I’m so sick of Tameka’s bitter a–. She’s just jealous! If Oprah asked her for an interview, she’d do it in a heartbeat. She needs to understand she is not a damn celebrity! And why in the hell does she even have a verified account on twitter? #icant

  6. Off topic but I’m starting to think Usher’s real problem with Tameka is that she reminds him a lot of his mother. I definitely think that’s why his mom and Tameka didn’t even get a long as well. I know he loves his mom, but I’m thinking his mommy issues were part of the reason his marriage didn’t last.

    1. It’s very plausible. I do think he has some kind of issues that make his relationship with women fail too often. But apparently, he’s a chronic cheater as well.

  7. It’s obvious what Oprah is doing, but it doesn’t mean Tameka isn’t being a little salty. But like I always say, it’s always better to get both sides to the story. Someone needs to interview Tameka. I know she’ll pour the tea! LOL

  8. Hmmm…I like Tameka, but she’s truly just salty about the interview. It’s tough to be married/divorced from someone who has more money, power, and fame that you because most likely, your side of the story will never be heard. But his will be plastered everywhere.

  9. Agree 100% with Peachy. But people need to stop bashing and talking about this woman like they know her personally and her struggles because if any of you had someone threaten to take away your kids and succeeds how would that make you feel as a mom? Especially if it has not been proven you’re an unfit mother! If you’ve never faced the threat of losing your kid(s) all out of someone else’s spite for you then you really can’t talk because no one really knows this woman’s struggles and what HE did to HER or allowed to be done to her in their marriage, and everyone has done something wrong in their past. It’s obvious Usher is an avid MAMA’S BOY and he even said himself with his mother sitting right there that no one he picks could ever be good enough according to his mother, so that will probably always be a factor and he will probably always be alone or forever running through different women because of it. Only talk if you’ve been in her shoes, and I can relate to Tameka because I’ve had damn near the same experience.

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