President Obama Angers Supporters By Calling Beyonce A Role Model for His Daughters

beyonce role model obama

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

President Obama is in the middle of his current bid to maintain his title as President of the United States. And just like Obama’s last campaign, he has once again racked up in support amongst the Hollywood circle. In fact, come of Obama’s biggest supporters happens to be Jay-Z and Beyonce. Just last night, the couple hosted a upscale fundraiser for the President, and they were said to have raised about $4 million for his campaign.

Now the Obamas’ relationship with the Carters has always been a controversial one. Right now, you could probably find numerous articles written by Republicans and other critics who question why President Obama would even want to be associated with Jay-Z, who they say is nothing more than a former drug dealer and street hoodlum.

And Michelle Obama herself got caught up in some controversy for showing her admiration for Beyonce numerous times to the public. Not too long ago she caused a stink for saying that she would gladly take Beyonce’s life if she had the opportunity to be someone else for one day. And not too long after that, she was photographed with her two daughters, Malia and Sasha, at Beyonce’s comeback concert she had after birthing Blue Ivy.

So it should come as no surprise that yet again, some people are pissy about some comments Obama made at the Carter’s fundraiser.

When Obama got up to thank Jay-Z and Beyonce for their contributions to his campaign, and raising him millions; some people were outraged that he deemed Beyonce as a role model for his two daughters. He said:

“To J and B, thank you so much for your friendship. Beyonce could not be a better role model for my girls.”


Of course this didn’t sit well with some. While there are many who agree with the President, there seems to be just as many who question why the President of the United State’s two young daughters would be looking up to Beyonce as a role model.

Many criticisms included her sexy image (which some find too sexy during her performances) and skimpy clothing.

Here are some interesting tweets about the topic:

beyonce role model obama

beyonce role model barack obama

What say you? Is the outrage warranted, or do you agree with The President that Beyonce is a role model for our daughters?


    1. LOL, you people are hilarious. I swear you all have the same 5 reasons Beyonce sucks. It’s always, 1. she pops her cooch on stage, 2. She’s a liar, 3. She’s a fraud and doesn’t write her own songs, 4. Jay-Z is a thug, 5. Her breath stinks.

      Yall need some new talking points.

  1. Lmao, if Beyonce is a role model, it’s really time for society to reevaluate some things. I’m disappointed in Obama for this one.

  2. I can understand why he would say she’s a role model, but I see the other side too. Beyonce is pretty squeaky clean as far as her image goes. Yeah she looks a little oversexualized on stage, but in real life, it looks like she has her sh-t together. She had a baby while she was married, she has a great career, and her man is rich. Not to mention that she never gets caught up in any real big scandal or anything. To many, that makes her a role model.

  3. Out of all the things to complain about, I’m not sure this should even be an issue. Beyonce isn’t the worst out here. I think Barack was just being nice anyway. Hell, they just raised him $4 million.

  4. Beyonce is not a role model. She is fraud, a coochie popper, and a big time liar. Her image reeks of whoredom, and she married a former drug dealer. Malia and Sasha don’t need anyone else as a role model when Michelle Obama is their mother.

  5. People that are being critical of the Carters and Obamas about this are really grasping for straws here. Beyonce is one classy young woman. Sheesh. Don\’t we have better things to be critical of? People have eff\’d up priorities I guess.

  6. I respectfully disagree with the President about Beyonce. While she is graceful and talented, she will not be a role model to my children. They will not look up to nor aspire to become entertainers or in the case of Jay-Z, aspire to sell crack and then make it big as a rapper speaking on selling crack.

    1. I agree. Beyonce doesn’t speak proper English. That alone is the number one reason she should not be any childs role model. I think the President words were twisted. However, they did raise him 4 Mil..

    2. You should do some research about how crack even got to the US. You’re mad at the wrong people. But that’s usually the case with you soapbox preachers. Y’all are ignorant hypocrites who should read a book or two.

  7. Im not a Beyonce fan…she is an entertainer, she does her job when she gets on the stage. The lady had her career first, a husband second and then her child to me that seems to be in order. So now we cant wear short shorts on a hot day, im sorry butyour clothes do not define you.
    So what Jay was a former drug dealer…dang people cant turn their loves around!

      1. So Jay Z doesn’t get a second chance to become a better person, but you do? People can change. I bet you’re not all that yourself.

  8. Beyonce is a beautiful black woman who actually had a baby AFTER she was married. She has her own money and an amazing career. Anyone who doesn’t see her as a role model is most likely just jealous. She’s the perfect woman and you haters will deal. 🙂

  9. This is why Obama should NOT get a second term, but he will because Romney is worse. All he wants to do hang out with these dumb a– celebs all day. Where the hell are the jobs! And now we’re going to praise Beyonce for waiting until she was married to have a baby??!!! What the hell????????? If that is considered as an accomplishment for a black woman, I’, convinced black people are doomed if that’s a rarity!!!!! Wake up black people.

    1. How can a woman who has been with the same man for over a decade and waited to have his child until they got married a skank? Shut up, you fail.

  10. People are so damn judgmental. Beyonce’s probably one of the better black celebs for kids to look up to. She did everything right, so what’s the damn problem? Oh wait, it’s because she’s Beyonce and only Beyonce can make people foam at the mouth in anger for absolutely no damn reason.

  11. She is more of a role model then Ciara or Rhi-Rhi. Ciara with her non-singing stripper dancing a$$. Rhi Rhi has just lost her mind..

  12. It is funny you say she isn’t a role model because of bla,bla, bla she is a role model for my daughter and to many young girl she built everything she has by working hard, she may wear short costumes, I said costumes, on THE STAGE not on daily basis…you do not see pictures of her on magazines and newspapers for drugs,DUI,or from flaunt her vajayjay…she dated Jay-z for a long time got married and had a I don’t see nothing rather Obama say: Nicki Minaj, Rihanna,Ciara,Lady Gaga, Lindsay lohan, Britney Spears,Paris Hilton,Kim Kardashian,etc…I think a lot of people hate and like to talk bad about Beyonce, because of what happened to the 3 past members of destiny’s child with her father..if nothing of that we wouldn’t have this BS…Obama is a good president, he is not a magician, but he has will to do good for USA…for God sake, you elected W Bush for to runs, and he only did shit, and his daughter were alcoholics, drug drug addicteds, and they’re were suposed to be belong to the conservative party…so I think Sasha and Malia will be just fine looking up to Beyonce…..

  13. With all the “role models” I’ve had in my life that I looked up to as a child, I cannot name a single one I modeled my teenage or adult life after. Role models are inspiring, encouraging, and a real life portrayal of what could be available to you as you pursue and achieve your own dreams. Way too much emphasis is placed on the title and I doubt very seriously that President Obama meant he wanted his girls to grow up to be exactly like her. Role models aren’t to raise children that don’t belong to them, that’s the parents’ job. If there are things Beyonce does that parents wouldn’t want their children to do, the CHILD should know what those things are because their PARENTS taught them better. Like it or not, Beyonce worked for what she has. She illustrates determination, perseverance, and humility, among other things. Nobody’s life is perfect, but there is something positive that can be taken and applied from everyone if we just took the time to put aside criticism and negativity. My goodness. Let that man run his house as he chooses to. The hardest thing for people to do is put down a magnifying glass and pick up a damn mirror.

  14. i agree with obama 100%.!!!!!! beyonce is one of the GREATEST singers ever..she is a great role model,you never hear her singing about f_cking and s_cking guys or anything like that..she has a great career,she has a healthy marriagae and she had her child when she was married i think she is a great role model for young girls..i agree

  15. So, because our president did not say that Rosa Parks, or Oprah is the role model for his children, and picked someone that appeals more to a younger culture of upcoming voters he’s wrong? President Obama is making moves for those of us who aren’t white and for those that are as well. Remember that many of Obama’s reform plans will affect college-aged Americans, thus he needs to appeal to them. Beyonce is a great person to chose as a role model. Role models aren’t just people we look up to to be like, but people who’s spirits and determination are what we aspire in life. Beyonce wears short dresses, but she has made it to where she has wanted to while maintaining respectable control over her life. The fact is people are never satisfied. This president attempts to try to maintain a sense of culture, artistic expression among other things while attempting to find ways to satisfy our needs as a country.

  16. I guess she’s an okay role model. Aside from the hyper-sexualization of her stage presence,she seems like a mostly clean-living woman. But really, it bothers me when kids are given entertainers as their role models.
    Why not scientists, doctors, firefighters, or social workers? Or (and I’m going to garner some disagreement for this one, I’m sure) real artists?
    No, they aren’t careers that are quite so glamorous, but they help people a hell of a whole lot more. If I had never heard the song “Single Ladies,” I would probably still be the same person I am today. But if I had never picked up Shakespeare, or learned about people like Mother Teresa of Calcutta, or learned about Freud or Jung (say what you will about the strangeness and inaccuracy of their theories, they kept psychology alive and moving), I would be a radically different person. And I think I would be the poorer because of it.
    So if we want to hold up Beyonce as a role model, that’s okay. I just think we could offer our children a so much more. And I would hope that is what our president would do.

    1. i see your point, but be honest how many famous fire fighters, social workers or teachers can you name. entertainers and sports people are put up as role models because people, especially young people know who they are.

  17. In my personal opinion, people should really stop looking to celebrities to be their role models. I would say if you must have a role model (especially children) your role model should be someone directly involved in your life such as parent/family member, teacher, doctor, etc. Personally, I’ve always found it rather asinine to hold someone that you don\’t even know in the highest regard; we have to understand the images of celebrities are “molded”(are we human beings so foolish we don\t realize that?) and “Hollywood” is truly a world of make-believe, rightfully so, that’s what it was designed to be . I think some people lose sight of that, I think that the media programs us (or at least tries) to think perception is reality…it’s not! To those who thinks that anyone who doesn’t think that Beyonce isn’t “a good role” is “jealous” or a “hater”, it’s laughable and rather close minded to think that someone is “hater” just because their opinion of a person doesn’t parallel with yours (I don’t feel one way or the other about any celeb, after all I don’t know them). Not to mention, you never know what people do or what goes on in people lives behind closed doors, we can’t assume people don’t certain things based on the fact we’ve never seen them do it publicly (that’s with any person) or that we know someone based on what we see on the outside, there’s more to people than what meets the eye, that can be a good or bad thing. Celebrities/public figures only let you know the side of them they want you to know and all the other things in between we’ll probably never know. The jobs of entertainers are to do just that, entertain, and generate money thats the primary goal of the industry regardless of whether we would like to accept that or not. I don’t think they’re really meant to be role models, I think it’s a societal thing. We live in a celebrity-obessesed world! Which I think is used as escapism and distraction from real world problems, there’s so much crap that’s going in this country and globally that actually affects people that media rarely or never brings to the forefront. There’s really a manipulation and psychology behind this, how do you think some people (die hard fans) swear up and down for and defend celebrities they don’t even know and make claims about them and their personal lives that can’t attest to. Choose your “role models” wisely, in the Middle East there’s a saying: “That which you gaze upon you become”. Just my opinion!

    ….And to those who may feel like they have no one directly involve in their lives that can consider a role model, you can BE ANYTHING you want to be as long as believe you can and work hard it’ll certainly come to fruition with or without a role model!


  18. What has this world come to?People have to look among faking whores and low esteem attention seeking criminals to be role models for their new generation.These losers can not even speak English proper.

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