NeNe Leakes Reveals Whether or Not She And Gregg Are Back Together

nene leakes greg back together

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are Nene and Greg Leakes back together? Since the last season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, many have been speculating on the true status of Nene and Greg Leakes’ marriage. Although both were last seen on the reality show going through a divorce, there have been many whispers alleging that Nene Leakes and Greg are back together. These rumors came to life due to numerous pictures of the alleged former couple taking lavish vacations together, and appearing to look as if they were going on dates. Despite this, it did appear for a quick second that Nene had taken an interest in another man. But the reoccurring photo ops of Nene Leakes and Greg made many believe that Nene faked a divorce for ratings and to give the two some sort of storyline on the reality show. So when the two kept appearing together in pictures and on several vacations, many were convinced that Nene Leakes and Greg are back together.

Nene did respond to the rumors a few months ago, and stated that she and Greg were not back together, but only retaining their friendship for the sake of co-parenting.

Well I guess Nene Leakes and Greg had a change of heart or something, since she reveals in a recent interview with Celebuzz that she and Greg are working on their marriage. In a rather short interview, it’s confirmed that Nene Leakes and Greg are back together.

When asked on the status of her marriage with Greg, Nene Leakes says the following:

“We’re doing good. We’re parents so we are working it out.”


We’re glad to hear Nene Leakes and Greg are back together. And we’re thinking the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Atlanta will show the steps the two must take to save their marriage. And from the looks of things (Greg’s made an appearance at many of her events in the last few months for her new scripted stints on TV), things seem to be going rather well.

Check out the interview below:


  1. I never believed they broke up to begin with. Anything to keep their spot on the show I guess. But now Nene doesn’t even need that damn show. I wouldn’t be shocked if this was her last season on RHOA. She’s doing bigger and better things now.

  2. I like them together. I’m glad they are working it out, but they probably only faked it for the show. It’s sad what people will do for reality tv.

    1. Good question. She didn’t need to fake the divorce to maintain her popularity. I don’t think the divorce in actuality.

  3. Married, divorced or whatever . . . . it doesnt change the fact that she lives her life being hateful to people. That tells me how insecure and scared she is. Sad.

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