Lauryn Hill’s Ex Rohan Marley Goes off on Wyclef Jean About His Book

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley have a complicated past that involves an affair of many years. Lauryn is an extremely private person, so despite the very public affair with Rohan, she never really spoke out on the private details of their relationship. Although the couple had several children together, he remained a married man throughout their relationship. And there’s that complicated relationship Lauryn had with Wyclef Jean, who is also married and was married throughout their relationship as well. Although Lauryn has not confirmed much about their relationship, Wyclef has always told the public that his affair with Lauryn Hill is what ultimately split The Fugees up.

But earlier last week, Wyclef made headlines when he alleged that the biggest issue he had with Lauryn is that she lied to him about her baby being his. And in his soon to be released memoir, he claims that it was mainly Lauryn’s “lie” about the paternity of the baby that put a strain on their relationship and eventually the entire group.

Here’s the excerpt from the book, Purpose:

“In that moment something died between us. I was married and Lauryn and I were having an affair, but she led me to believe that the baby was mine, and I couldn’t forgive that. She could no longer be my muse. Our love spell was broken.”

A lot of Lauryn’s dedicated fans found Wyclef’s claims hard to believe, seeing as they just couldn’t imagine Lauryn being confused about the paternity of her child.

Well, it appears as if Rohan has decided to set the record straight on behalf of Lauryn Hill, who still has not addressed Wyclef’s allegations.

Here’s what Rohan told TMZ:

“Wyclef knew from jump that was my son from the day [Lauryn] was pregnant.”

And he even said that Wyclef and Lauryn’s relationship ended before he began dating her. He also claims that it was in fact Wyclef who hooked them up romantically:

“They were definitely not messing around, or he would never have given me the okay.”

And on why he alleges that Wyclef is lying:

“He is just saying false things to get book headlines. He knows he is fronting himself.”

Rohan made it clear to TMZ that he finds it hard to believe that Lauryn was sleeping with Wyclef while they were together. He says they were in the studio together too much for her to even have time to sleep with another man. But Wyclef holds on to his claims, and says that despite hooking the two up, he and Lauyrn were sleeping together regardless of her relationship with Rohan Marley.


  1. Sounds like to me both of these guys got played by Lauryn. If she was willing to sleep with married men, why would she be above lying now all of a sudden? I’m so tired of people putting this trifling woman on a pedestal because she made a few good songs. Had she not been Lauryn Hill, people would have been dragging her for this.

    1. But Lauryn wasn’t married, THEY WERE. She didn’t have any vows to keep. The only people to blame are the two married men.

      1. Wrong! I hate to get all Biblical (on a gossip site), but the Bible didn’t say adultery only involves those married. It says it’s a sin to all that partake in it. So whether or not Lauryn’s married means nothing. She also has a responsibility to do the right thing and she didn’t. I wish women would just stop acting like they have no responsibility in these kinds of situations because they weren’t married.

  2. I never understood why people think just because someone is with them most of the time that they don’t have the time to cheat. People always find a way to do what they want to do. I love Lauryn, but Rohan sounds real naive. And isn’t he still married? How is he engaged to another woman?

  3. I really want to believe that Wyclef was lying but he probably wasn’t. You can’t mess with married men and be a saint. As much as people hate to admit it, Lauryn isn’t any better than Wyclef. And we all know he is a snake and always will be.

  4. Rohan sounds real delusional. I guess neither one of them are going to explain why they were messing with her while they were married. Damn shame.

  5. Yeah whatever. I want Lauryn to come out and speak for herself. She thinks she is above explaining why she was sleeping with two married men and still singing about self-respect, but she’s not. It is very disappointing to know that the woman who sang the most uplifting lyrics for women was causing other women so much pain behind closed doors.

  6. I think Wyclef was lying through his crooked teeth to sell this stupid a– book. He’s always been a liar, why would that change now? Cut Lauryn some slack! She gave wisdom to a lot of young women, and I’d like to think she’s the reason why so many women now have good heads on their shoulders. Music is powerful and it influences, whether it’s positive or negative. And her music was positive. She has flaws but she gave people something valuable with her music. Even these affairs can’t change that.

  7. Lauryn Hill is messy. Wyclef might have been lying (he has plenty of times) but don’t expect me to put on a cape and defend a woman who was screwing married men. I listened to Lauryn when I was a little kid, but I’m a grown woman now and I see her for what she really is. You can love someone’s music, but you don’t have to turn a blind eye to the flaws while you enjoy their music. Love her songs but let’s not defend what she’s done. It is what it is.

  8. I’m mad Wyclef was talking like he was so devastated Lauryn “betrayed him” when he was married the whole time. Douche bag.

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