Lauryn Hill Responds to the Criticism

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Lauryn Hill was put on blast by her own fans after she arrived about three hours late to a performance in Atlanta last Friday night.

Lauryn originally told an angry fan that it was her driver’s fault, but she later explains on her Facebook page that she was late because she had to get her energy right for the show.

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  1. She’s pretentious as f-ck. All her a-s had to do was show up to the performance on time just like she showed up to the sound check on time. She ain’t the only artist out here that has fans so why the f-ck does she speak as if she is? No matter how you’re feeling, you have a job to do like the rest of us. And when you f-ck up, you will get called out like everyone else. F-ck outta here.

  2. Her fans made her feel like she could do no wrong so I fault them for this more than I do her. Even now a lot of them are defending her on Facebook. Now let that had been anyone else, and they would be calling that artist out.

  3. Did one of her stans write this for her? It’s full of excuses. An artist should not be blaming the media for their tardiness to a show. Nor should an artist who has been around as long as Lauryn think it’s acceptable to be three hours late because they needed to get their energy right. Michael Jackson comes to mind because he truly hated touring but he would always give his fans a show. And it didn’t take him three hours of lateness to do it.

  4. It’s so weird to see someone be so arrogant and rude to their fans and they only had one really good album. Oh well. I know I won’t be giving her any of my coins.

  5. There have been artists who have performed sick for their fans and even pregnant. And they still managed to be on time. This is a silly excuse.

  6. Girl get yo A-s there on time and start the concert on time. If you stay late to do photos and handshakes, so be it but just give the fans what they paid for a great concert that starts on time.

  7. Honestly I was never a fan for this very reason. She is very arrogant and it’s a turn off for me. She also is the one artist hoteps cling to in order to put down black women who don’t fit in the box they want us in. She’s the face of respectability politics for black women.

  8. She acts like this was an isolated incident. She has been doing this for years! I went to see her in SF around 2013. She was about 2 hrs late. The thing is… I knew she would be late because of blogs about her previous performances, so I showed up late.. but I still had to wait an hour. While it was nostalgic and inexpensive I didn’t not appreciate waiting

  9. All she needed to say was an apology. If I was a fan and paid to see her on Friday and read that I would be done with her.

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