Khloe and Lamar Explain Why They Are Still Together Despite Everyone Else’s Skepticism

khloe and lamar

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Khloe and Lamar are one of those couples that many people just knew wouldn’t make it through their first year of marriage. But three years later, Khloe and Lamar Odom have made most of the skeptics eat their words, as they have managed to keep from ending up in divorce court, like Khloe’s sister Kim Kardashian. Despite the fact that Khloe and Lamar have made it to three years of marriage, that doesn’t mean the couple hasn’t become a favorite target for the tabloids and gossip blogs. Since the two have been married, there seems to always be reports of infighting and an upcoming divorce being claimed by the gossip enthusiasts.

However, Khloe and Lamar remain solid. And as the two embark on different aspects of marriage, such as attempting to have children together (Lamar already has three children from a previous relationship) and creating joint business ventures, they are finding the marriage a lot more stressful than usual.

Yet Khloe and Lamar remain in good spirits, and they admit in a recent promotional video for their new fragrance entitled Unbreakable Bond, that working together on the fragrance has really managed to strengthen their bond even more.

Watch the promotional video for their new fragrance, in which they talk about how they manage to keep from filing those divorce papers like every other celebrity couple.

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  1. I like Khloe probably more than anyone else in her family, but they are still together because she sacrifices everything to make it work. I really think she has issues with her family, so she’s holding on to this marriage out of fear that she doesn’t have anything else.

  2. Khloe is the realist person in her entire family. They will stay together because she gets what it takes to stay married. Kim will never understand.

  3. They actually gave solid ways to keep a marriage together. I’m not even mad at that. But a fragrance for both men and women?! I’ll pass on that shawty.

  4. Lamar might as well go fill out that government paperwork so he can change his last name to Kardashian. His basketball career is mentioned nearly as often as his marriage to this chick is.

  5. I like Khloe but I still think this marriage will run it’s course eventually. It’s something about Lamar that just screams shady to me…oh yeah, that’s right. The way he treats his kids. :-/

    1. He has a wonderful relationship with his kids and has regularly scheduled visits. Destiny is always sharing pictures and his messages to her on twitter and instagram. She’s always excited when its time for visits.

      1. Then why did party over seeing his son graduate from grade school? Sorry, I don’t drink the Kardashian koolaid. Kids are too young to understand what bad parenting is. He will be exposed very soon on an upcoming TV show by his children’s mother.

        1. She could be bitter Porsha. Yeah it’s always a possibility that she’s telling the truth but women lie all the time when they are jealous.

        2. I can’t speak about his son’s graduation. I saw pics of them at Destiny’s. Destiny posted pics of her with her dad and Khloe at her graduation. And the kids where with them for about a month this summer and last. I saw the pics Destiny posted. They go for the holidays. They went to Dallas. For Khloe’s birthday she tweeted Khloe that she loved her and posted a pic of her and her brother with her dad and Khloe. I can only go by what I see from Destiny’s pics and tweets. She’s always excited about upcoming visists . They have a good relationship.

  6. I agree Khloe is the realest and my favorite of the sisters. She’s a real wife. She values her relationship with her husband and her marriage is a priority. These are the traits real women have in the real world. I love how they both love and support each other.

  7. Khloe wouldn’t have even wanted him had he not been a basketball player. Neither one of them can give me any advice.

  8. I like these two. Yeah, I’m not sold on the perfume thing, but I do think they genuinely love each other. It doesn’t seem like they use each other for press. Kim and Kanye are night and day.

  9. People just need to stop hating everybody mess up in life is always a second change never give up no matter what people going to say I’m not mad I’m happy that yall worked it out good luck.

  10. I think yall is a great couple in is good that y’all working things out just don’t listen to people

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