Kim Confirms She Wants to Have Kids With Kanye Or Some Other Black Man

kim kardashian twitter pregnant

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian isn’t doing much to quiet down the pregnancy rumors. Just a few days after her current boyfriend Kanye West made headlines for making a couple of sex tapes with a Kim Kardashian lookalike (reports now allege the woman in the tape is actually Kim herself), the topic of these two has conveniently been changed to baby talk. Although Kim is still technically married to estranged husband Kris Humphries, she’s made it clear that another marriage with kids is definitely something she wants pretty soon. And we’re sure she’d love to achieve that with Kanye. But since Kim has gained weight in the last couple of weeks, many people have been speculating that Kim Kardashian is pregnant. We doubt Kim is pregnant, but that doesn’t mean she won’t have a little fun with the rumor.

In a recent tweet, Kim did a playback of a recent conversation she had with her mother about a cup of coffee. We’re pretty sure she was just joking around, but of course there were some offended people and some are even taking the tweet to mean that Kim is pregnant.

Peep the tweet:

kim kardashian twitter

We can’t say we laughed at this tweet, nor do we think it’s confirmation that Kim Kardashian is pregnant. We’re just taking it as confirmation that she does want to have kids with Kanye West…or some other black man if these two don’t work out.


  1. It’s amazing how the pregnancy rumors start right after Amber Rose confirms she’s pregnant. Kim ain’t slick.She’s such a jealous attention WHORE.

    1. Thank you! And everyone knows that idiot is not pregnant, she’s just getting fat as hell. Kanye is dressing her so bad that her weight gain has gotten even harder to not notice.

  2. I blame Ray J. for making this slut bucket famous in the first damn place. And now I have to blame Kanye for stretching out her last 15 minutes.

    1. I’m not sure why yall keep bring up her marriage. She doesn’t really have any morals, of course she doesn’t care or even remember that she’s married. She didn’t even remember she was engaged or in a relationship with Reggie when she f-cked Kanye back then.

  3. No class and this tweet shows it. How are you going through a divorce and make tweets like this? I still don’t understand why she’s famous.

  4. What was the point of this tweet? I really think Kanye and Kim are super jealous of Amber and Wiz right now. They have gotten really extreme since we heard Amber was pregnant. I think both of them are bitter. Kim because she can’t keep a damn man and still has NO KIDS, and Kanye because he knows Amber was a better match for him. Either way, both of these people are losers. They need to much attention and it’s not a good look.

    1. The only thing I disagree with is what you said about Amber. Amber was not Kanye’s best match. His best match was Alexis. He really loved that girl and they broke up because he lost himself. He was also in a better place in his life when he was with her emotionally. Had Kanye not have changed so drastically, this relationship with Kim would have never happened.

  5. I’ve always said that when ever someone has to constantly tweet or post stuff on facebook about their relationship, they aren’t as happy as they want you to think they are. I can see right through Kim and Kanye. Neither one of them has ever been good in relationships, so why would that change now? I’m happy for Amber and Wiz though, what they have just seems more genuine to me.

    1. Girl you and me are here!!!! I think what she has with Kanye is fake too! They do too much, and it’s just not believable anymore.

  6. LOL! The tweet was funny to me. I don’t take Kim seriously and none of you should either. And I doubt she’s pregnant too. She’s not that stupid.

  7. I have never wanted one person or couple to go away as much as Kim and Kanye. I really wish she never made that tape and I wish society could just rid ourselves of her entire existence. She’s contributed nothing good to the world.

  8. I wish she would go sit her a– down. She’s nothing without a man! Kim has to stay in relationships with celebs because no one cares about her outside of who she dates. What a sad existence.

  9. Kim is LOSING right now. Her best relationship was with Reggie Bush! Reggie is fine as hell, has a great body, and he’s a professional athlete. He really cared about her and he seemed to really respect her while they were together. He’s also LIKED by the public. And kept himself out of trouble. No bad press…nothing! Now she’s with Kanye. And he’s ugly and looks like a damn chipmunk! His body is WACK, his attitude sucks and he embarrasses her in public. Kim is on her last 15 minutes if this is the best she could do in a man.

    1. When she can’t get anyone else famous to date her. Kanye is her last hope. If they don’t get married, that’s a wrap. She’s known as damaged goods in Hollywood.

  10. Kim is too old to be tweeting stuff like this. Bish is in her 30s. I mean seriously, is Kanye dating a woman or a 12 year old white girl? Grow up Kim.

  11. It’s amazing how Kim loves black men so much, but secretly hates black women. Have all the coffee you want Kim, you still won’t be a black woman.

  12. Damn the hate on this blog for Kim is deep! Lmao what did she do that was so bad? A sex tape doesn’t warrant this much hate.

    1. It’s not really “hate” but annoyance. If Kim sat down for a while and stopped attention whoring, people wouldn’t be so annoyed with her.

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