Wyclef Jean Explains Why He Believes He Slept With Lauryn Hill Despite His Marriage

wyclef jean lauryn hill

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wyclef Jean has been spilling a lot of tea lately as he promotes his new book Purpose. In the book, which he labels as his autobiography, Wyclef reflects a lot about his time in the Fugees and his affair with Lauryn Hill. It’s always been known for years that two had an affair that eventually caused the demise of the group, but Wyclef shocked many when he claimed that Lauryn Hill ruined their relationship and the group when she lied to him intentionally by telling him that he was the father of her baby. In the end, he claims he quickly learned that the baby was actually Rohan Marley’s.

Of course this claim outraged supporters and long time fans of Lauryn Hill, and it eventually led to Rohan Marley speaking out against Wyclef’s claims. Rohan made it clear in a recent chat with TMZ that he feels like Wyclef is lying to get press and book sales. He even claimed that Wyclef knew all along that the baby wasn’t his, and that it would have been impossible for Lauryn to cheat with Wyclef while she was with him, considering that they (Lauryn and Rohan) were always together. In fact, he says that Wyclef gave him the okay to pursue Lauryn romantically.

Despite Rohan’s statements, Wyclef is still sticking to his story. And in a recent interview with Chelsea Lately, Wyclef explains his current status with Lauryn and why he thinks he had an affair with her while he was married.

When asked about his current relationship with Lauryn, he says:

“Right now nothing, but in the year of my teens going into my twenties during the hot days of the Fugees, um,… I had the ‘African King Complex’…Every women belong to me.

So within that complex, ofcourse I was married, and me and Lauryn was heavily involved,..passionately.

And in that chapter of the book, I just took the viewer back to the time when I thought her child was mines. And the chapter is just basically based on Karma, like be-careful of what you do as a man, because it can come back to you.”



    1. Agreed. And even if he would’ve had a book without her, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as relevant. Not that it’s relevant now, but people are definitely giving it AND him more attention than they would otherwise.

  1. But is he faithful on his wife now? I remember he also just admitted to sleeping with his former manager too. If he had that mindset, he should have never gotten married in the first place.

  2. He might been completely honest, but I can’t say I respect his answer. He basically just confirmed that he’s selfish as hell.

  3. I feel like he’s just kind of kicking Lauryn while she’s already down. She’s going through her issues with the IRS situation and now he won’t keep her name out of his mouth. Wyclef is actin like a scorned female.

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