How Mona Scott Young Allegedly Got Diamond & Soulja Boy on LHHATL Season 2

soulja boy and diamond love and hip hop atlanta

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Will Diamond and Soulja Boy be on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2? Diamond and Soulja Boy are rumored to have been officially confirmed for the second season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. This “confirmation” was from the usually non credible MTO, so we have been extremely reluctant to report the news. From what we do know about Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, Diamond was part of the original cast of the first season of the VH1 smash hit. But once Diamond got word that Lil Scrappy, Momma Dee, and Erica had also signed on; the female rapper officially backed out of the cast. Diamond later confirmed to The Breakfast Club that she walked away from Love And Hip Hop Atlanta because she didn’t want to relive the drama she had with Mama Dee and Lil Scrappy. She says she’s past what happened between her and Lil Scrappy, but for some reason at the time of the show, Lil Scrappy and Momma Dee weren’t. And that was clear by some of Momma Dee’s interesting choice of words about Diamond that she made on the show.

While we’re still not 100% sure if Diamond and Soulja Boy have signed on for the second season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, a little birdie did tell us how Mona Scott Young allegedly managed to get both on the show when Diamond was so adamant about not joining the cast.

According to this person, Mona Scott Young has been trying to get Diamond and Lil Scrappy on the show since the first season took off. The person also alleges that Diamond thought she didn’t need the show to get her solo rap career going, but since it hasn’t taken off fast enough, she began to reconsider joining the show. After watching all the cast members from Love And Hip Hop Atlanta blow up, she now realizes it would be a great boost for her career. After having several meetings with Mona Scott Young, Diamond and Soulja Boy agreed to join Love And Hip Hop Atlanta under one restriction: they don’t want any interactions with Momma Dee, Lil Scrappy, and Erica. That means absolutely no camera time with either. Instead, they just want the cameras to follow them as they work on their careers and maintaining their relationship. They also said Diamond is really serious about not looking like a fool on television, or jeopardizing her relationship with Soulja Boy.

Again, just take this piece of gossip with a grain of salt. We still haven’t been able to get a confirmation from a reliable source that Diamond and Soulja Boy will be on the next season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. And not too long ago, the rumor mill was claiming that Diamond and Soulja boy would be replacing Kirk and Rasheeda. And that rumor ended up being shot down by Mona Scott Young herself. Not to mention that the last time someone asked Mona Scott Young if Diamond and Soulja Boy would be on the show, she said it had not been confirmed. And to be fair, “that has not been confirmed” can be producer talk for “we’re working on it, but they haven’t signed the contract yet.”

So we’re still keeping our ears open on this one.


  1. I think this is true. Diamond needs the show. That’s why she signed up for it the first time. She and Soulja Boy could use the career boost it will give them. Neither are relevant anymore. They are a cute couple though.

    1. Lmao, when it comes to LHHATL though, she kind of is though. More people know who she is than they did anyone else.

  2. What would make Diamond change her mind especially Mona and the show’s producers are notoriously known of placing their cast in situations that they know are toxic?

  3. I like these two together. I’m not even mad that Mona went after them. They needed another ocuple on the show and Rasheeda and Kirk are too much of a snooze fest.

  4. So basically Diamond and Soulja Boy are scared they are going to get their a–es whooped on camera? Makes sense.

  5. They don’t need Diamond or Soulja Boy on the show. There’s nothing interesting about them. They don’t even want to be caught up in any drama. Now I know season 2 will be lame as hell. Smh.

  6. What Mona needs to do is get rid of Karlie, Rasheeda and Kirk. All 3 of them are boring and bring nothing to the show. I don’t have to see them on the show again.

  7. I’m actually not even mad that Diamond is requesting not to be a part of the ratchetness. That’s pretty smart of her. She wants to expand her career, but not make a fool of herself in the process. She has more sense than I thought she did.

  8. MTO is about as credible as writing on a bathroom stall. I’m ashamed to say how much I love the ratchetness on LHHATL. 🙁

  9. Oh I so hope they replace Rasheeda lame a-s! Her husband is more interesting then her! She has no skill! She is not cute! Erase and retrace your steps and find a new personality!

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