Diamond Exits Love Triangle + Calls Out Scrappy for Being Messy During Dark Time

Photo Credit: MTV/YouTube

Diamond doesn’t want to be in a love triangle with Scrappy and Erica Dixon.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Scrappy hasn’t managed to eliminate all drama from his life since Bambi pulled the plug on their marriage. Scrappy’s love life is still very much complicated. Fans of the show have noticed he was splitting his time between Diamond and Erica Dixon. He denied dating both on a past episode. However, fans couldn’t help but notice he was making Diamond breakfast days after he went on a “date” with Erica. Yung Joc and Mendeecees Harris have warned Scrappy that the way he’s been moving could cause some problems. But Scrappy shrugged it off. And he said Diamond and Erica should be enjoying the single life, too.

Mendeecees and Joc were correct. Since Scrappy has been back in touch with Erica and Diamond, there have been messy exchanges on social media. At one point, Diamond posted a photo of Scrappy in her bed to Instagram. MTV also released a super trailer for the current season. In one scene, Erica and Diamond have to be separated by security as they argue over Scrappy. In another, Diamond told Erica that Scrappy was “orally pleasing” her. So she wanted to know if he was doing the same with Erica because she didn’t want “contamination” to occur.

Well, Diamond discussed the situation recently with Big Tigger via V-103. And she said that she is done with Scrappy.

“Definitely no love triangle, definitely no love square. I’ve been single, I’m sure he’s been single doing his thing. But what we not gonna do is portray this image as if we’re in this love triangle or you this player. You over here with me and you’re over here with the other person. We ain’t doing that.”

Diamond said Scrappy was messy during a difficult time in her life.

She continued, “At one point, he was in a low place. I helped him a lot. Mentally, financially, spiritually, and I felt like I did my due diligence. It was quoted that I left him with no closure eleven years ago because of the constant cheating and the competing and so forth. So I did my due diligence by I felt like just helping him this time around get through his hard time with his separation and divorce.”

Diamond said the last straw occurred when her father was on life support.

“I think the final straw for me was when my father was on life support and you wanna play these internet games and go to Vegas to an Usher concert when you guys never got shouted out. Usher shouted me out. You getting lit to my song for whatever reason looking like donkeys. I don’t know. But that really was my final straw because in that moment Momma Dee checked on me. Momma Dee made sure I was straight consistently. I think that was the final straw for me. So I’m good.”


  1. I don’t believe Diamond is done with Scrappy. She likes trying to be #1 when she’s clearly not. Why be concerned about anything going on with Scrappy if she didn’t care?

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