Tameka Raymond Speaks on Rumors of Usher Kicking Her Out His House

tameka kicked out of house usher

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Usher kicking Tameka Raymond out of his house? Well, it’s no surprise that this is the latest rumor circulating about Tameka Raymond and Usher, especially since the two just wrapped up a pretty nasty custody battle over their two sons. In the end, Usher ended up being granted full parental custody, and Tameka has appealed the judge’s decision with no success. Although both Tameka and Usher have both given exclusive interviews about the custody case and end of their marriage, people continue to speculate  about what is going on between the two continuously. Tameka, who is still mourning the death of her son Kile Glover,  has been living in the house that Usher purchased when the two got married. Even though the couple did divorce, Usher has allegedly still allowed Tameka to remain in the home, as he purchased another home in Atlanta.

Well now, according to reports, it has been alleged that Usher has asked Tameka to move out in 60 days, and he is in the process of selling the home.

The original report was from TMZ:

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, Usher’s lawyer sent Tameka Raymond a letter informing her the 12,000 sq. ft. Georgia home — which Usher owns — is going on the market and she needs to find new digs.

Usher has allowed Tameka to live in the home for the last few years — but per their 2009 divorce agreement, Usher has the right to sell the pad at any time as long as he gives 60 days notice.

According to sources, Tameka didn’t take the news well, seeing as she has no income of her own and has been financially dependent on Usher since the divorce.

There’s a few things we find rather hard to believe with this report. One ting is, this whole “kicking Tameka out the house” rumor is old, and seems to reoccur a few times a year since these two divorced. And each time, Usher has not put the house up for sale.

Secondly, to say that Tameka is solely living off of Usher’s money is kind of far fetched to say when she owns her own businesses, with one being a boutique in Atlanta, and it’s doing quite well. We actually ran into her assistant not too long ago. And from the looks of things, she’s doing fine. She is also still finding work as a stylist to celebrities. In fact, that is one of the main reasons she requested for Usher to return her Saks discount card. She even claims it is the card she uses to make purchases for her celebrity clients.

Regardless, Tameka took to her Twitter account to clear up the rumors:


usher kicking tameka out the house

She even speaks on the rumors (well, sort of) about her being broke and needing Usher to take care of her financially:

usher kicking tameka out his house

There you have it.


  1. I figured it wasn’t true. As cold as Usher has been, if Tameka paying the bills, I don’t see why he would put her out. Now that he has custody of the kids, I doubt he’s going to try to put her out. It’s pointless.

    1. Most likely they have. A lot of bloggers have been sued or have settled or retracted a statement to keep from being sued. Comes with the territory I guess.

  2. She’s right though. TMZ has been saying this for the last 2 years, and every time all the other bloggers just run with it. Does anybody fact check anymore?

  3. Good for Usher. If she is paying the bills, it’s the decent thing to do. I really do hate that the media keeps trying to make her out to be a gold digger. Why is everyone so biased? Are reporters extinct now when it comes to celeb news?

  4. But isn’t she still getting some kind of spousal support? I seriously doubt she is not getting ANY money from Usher. Just sayin.

  5. It’s gonna happen. Usher is sick of her freeloading butt. That’s why he sought and received primary custody of his two boys. He now has the go ahead to sell the house and be done with that scum.

      1. You Tameka stans make me sick. Y’all are stanning over talentless golddigger that’s about to be kicked out of Usher’s house. If her “businesses” are doing well, she can buy her own house and not depend on a Man.

  6. it the house he had for his kids there not there fck her she talk big ish for years now look where it git her good for Usher.

  7. Usher is not a good person, this man has drug her through the mud for all the years she has been with him. He has screwed at least 3 of her friends in the house they shared, He is a media whore he loves attention from the media and for real all this is to keep his name ringing. He is a control freak and he blew up that whole story about Tameka spitting on Grace. He brought Grace to the house on Baby Usher B-day, now why would you do something like that if your not looking for trouble? For real we started to go out there and beat Grace down but because of Tameka Grace didn’t get mopped up that day. Out of love she has taken all this bad press and he had been leading it all. What kind of person is he? before she married him I use to love Usher as an artist but now that I have had a chance to get a personal view inside their lives I would not ever buy another Cd with his name on it. He is a sh-t starter he was letting Grace go to the kids school to visit the kids alone like she was family or something he is very disrespectful and it had to be the money for how he got the kids, because Tameka is a good mother and was a good wife to his a– he just couldn’t stand to be told that he couldn’t scew everybody he seen that was the deal breaker in the marriage. This is not was I heard this is what I know.

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