Gossip: The Dream’s New Fiance is a Fraud & Plans To Take Him to the Cleaners

the dream new fiance

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Dream has a new fiance. And while that should always be cause for celebration, when it comes to the media, many can’t help but remember that The Dream has already had two failed marriages in the last few years. And although his split from R&B singer Nivea wasn’t as dramatic as most celebrity divorces are, none of can really forget how nasty his split was with Christina Milian was. And that is simply because The Dream was caught having an affair by a series of photo ops taken on a vacation, and then it alleged that he was having an affair with a woman Christina Milian claimed was his assistant. This led to a divorce, but even their relationship post the split hasn’t been a healthy one.

Just a few months ago, Christina Milian hinted at the fact that she felt The Dream wasn’t involved enough in their daughter’s life. The Dream was furious when he heard about Christina’s comments. and he took to his Twitter account to blast her and the accusations. Of course his rant ended with him calling her a gold digger and an industry skank who sleeps around for tracks.

Fast forward to today, The Dream has moved on and he’s in another relationship. Now newly engaged, there’s not much information known about his new fiance. Well that is until now…allegedly.

According to the latest gossip, The Dream’s new fiance has a nasty reputation of hooking up with men for financial reasons only. They claim she has pulled out all the stops to trick The Dream to marrying her, so she can take his money. They even say he doesn’t even know her real name, since she basically altered her whole identity to be with him.

Here’s what someone told Nik at The Dirty:

Nik, R&B Singer ‘The Dream’ cheated on his girlfriend & dropped his wife for this Asian girl. He proposed to her & he DOESNT EVEN KNOW HER REAL NAME!!! He tattoo’d “Seung” on his arm of her & she announced on her personal page they were engaged but…. her name is actually Lydia Nam from Toronto. This girl is a mess. She has been charged with child endangerment in Canada so Christina Milian (his hot singer ex-wife) better watch out. Here is a picture of her dressed up as a “Gold Digger” for Halloween. She is known in Toronto for being an escort. She completely discarded her best friend of many years to change her identity to be with him. She’s a huge sham. Terius Nash proves hes a BIG DUMMY yet again!

While this is all just gossip, we do find it interesting that she chose to dress up as a gold digger for Halloween one year:


the dream new fiance


  1. The Dream has to be one of the biggest dummies on the planet. If he had no money, I doubt any woman would even be with him. He’s gross.

  2. LOL she actually dressed up as a gold digger? The Dream can’t be mad at anyone but himself. I see he learned nothing from that whole ordeal with Christina Milian.

  3. The funny thing is I don’t think he’s even been dating her that long. He moves too fast and marries women after only knowing them for a couple of months. He’s got some issues.

  4. The Dream looks like the Hamburgular. I couldn’t be with him. I don’t care how much money he has. Eww.

    1. Screaming and Hollin…He does look like he will snatch your burger and run! Cute thing is him and C. Millian baby girl looks just like him but she is just too adorable and chunky…

  5. Dont like him! He’s going thru marriages after marriages, I think he needs to do some true soul searchin because it seems like HE is the problem.

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