The-Dream Catches a Big Break

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Months ago The-Dream’s ex girlfriend claimed he assaulted her and she was pregnant at the time she made the accusations.

The successful music producer denied the allegations, and now it appears a judge is siding with him.

Page Six writes:

A Manhattan judge Thursday dismissed assault and strangulation raps against the R&B producer and songwriter known as The-Dream for allegedly pummeling and kicking his then-eight-months-pregnant ex-gal pal at The Plaza Hotel.

“After a thorough investigation, the case could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” Assistant District Attorney Jacqueline Cornell stated in Manhattan Criminal Court. Then the judge dismissed the case against Terius Nash, 37.

Nash and his beautiful new wife, Lalonne Martinez, wearing matching black fedoras, affectionately held hands as they left court.


  1. This whole situation is so strange to me. Did she have the baby? Was the child actually his? When he talks about all the kids he has, his ex and their baby never comes up. Besides this, it’s like he was never with her.

  2. Wait, wasn’t this chick the one that got exposed for being a crazy gold digger? She’s the one who had the gold digger Halloween costume, right? Hell if this is her we’re talking about, I wouldn’t put it past her crazy a-s to have beat up herself to take Dream down. That heifer is crazy and she’s done a lot of f-cked up sh-t to other men. Her own friends blew her spot up like a year ago.

    1. Right. That bird was crazy as hell. I never believed her. Dream is many things, but he’s never been a woman beater. A cheater? Absolutely.

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