Evelyn Lozada Signs Up For The Next Season of ‘Basketball Wives’

evelyn lozada

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Evelyn Lozada has had a crazy few months. Just barely a month after marrying Chad Johnson, the two had a nasty split and divorce after he was arrested for head butting her during an argument over a box of condoms. Since then, both Evelyn and Chad continued to lose just about everything they had gained as a couple, even the reality show they filmed for VH1, which was eventually cancelled due to the domestic dispute. After giving a series of interviews and even appearing on a segment of Fix My Life, many thought that Evelyn would not return to the controversial reality show that made her a star, Basketball Wives. And when the time came for cast members to sign on the dotted line confirming their return to the show, it was alleged that Evelyn was holding up the process, since she was unsure at the moment of her return. This was said to be a result of the backlash she received during the split with Chad, as many found it hard to believe that a very violent Evelyn Lozada did not get physical with Chad Johnson first, causing the altercation.

Well, I guess it’s safe to say that Evelyn will be returning to Basketball Wives. According to the latest gossip, she’s officially signed on for the upcoming season.

And if her tweets are any indicator, it looks like she’s actually looking forward to filming:

evelyn lozada basketball wives season 4

Of course Shaunie responded:

shaunie oneal basketball wives season 4

Rumors are still swirling around about others not returning. The popular names of who won’t be back for the fifth season are Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams, Kesha Nichols and Kenya Bell. I’m sure things will either be confirmed or denied about these ladies the closer it gets to filming, which is said to be in the next couple of weeks.


  1. I don’t even think I care anymore. LHHATL slayed the rest of these reality shows on VH1. In fact, can I request a post on how Chrissy & Mr. Jones ratings are looking? I bet they are terrible.

  2. I think she’s coming back because she has nothing else going on. She was relevant for like 2 weeks after Chad head butted her but now it’s back to reality. She needs that show.

  3. It is so messed up that Shaunie fired the other people who didn’t act an a– on the show. But yet she kept the bullies. What the hell?

  4. Well I guess it was inevitable. It would have been dope if she didn’t come back and got a show about trying to get her life together and find a new love. But whatever.

  5. I really hope they didn’t kick those other ladies off the show. They don’t deserve that. I think Shaunie wanted them gone because they didn’t kiss her a– like Tami and Evelyn do.

  6. Hmm… I am not so sure I will be watching this season just yet without all of those names possibly not coming back. So who will be doing the fighting?

    1. The people doing the fighting will still be on the show apparently. The ones they bullied were kicked off, but perhaps Tami and Evelyn will fight each other again.

      1. I can see that happening. That would be kind of epic to watch. I bet Tammy will crack jokes about Ev getting head-butted.

      1. I wouldn’t call women who don’t like to fight past the age of 30 spineless, I call that classy and mature. But fighting on tv for a check, that’s spineless in my opinion.

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