Bow Wow Says He Loves Being on Child Support And Talks Ciara & Money Problems

bow wow

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bow Wow made headlines recently for becoming one of the new hosts on 10th Park, and although there were many who were not impressed with BET’s decision to hire him as a host on the show, many speculated that Bow Wow needed to be on the show for financial reasons. For the last couple of years, it has been suggested by numerous reports that the YCMB rapper is in a lot of debt, and not too long ago, the alleged sister of his baby mama even called him out for allegedly being a dead beat dad. A couple of weeks ago, there were even reports that he had been placed on child support, and claiming that he was too broke to make higher payments.

Well Bow Wow finally address the child support rumors a in a recent interview with Hot 107.9 Philly.

He says:

“For me, I felt like, as a man and as a father, I wanted to be on child support. I felt like that was the best thing for our situation. The reason being, I don’t know if you have kids (the host informs him that he has kids)…so I know a lot of men have gone through the thing when your BM (host interrupts him and clarifies that he has a wife)…Oh okay, well it’s not confirmed that most things will work out just because you have a child. The man tries to move on, and for some of the guys listening, their baby mama doesn’t like the new chick. Things go down like that. So for me to move on, to live my life and let her know that things are still gravy…I still gotta go do me. And just because we didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be there for my daughter or not be there for you. So I felt like the best thing for us to do was to go about it that way. Which I wanted to do because it’s confirmed money to my child, to my daughter. Everything is about my little girl. That’s who I care about. She can have the world. Anything she need, she got that.

And that’s between me and her mom. We both discussed this, so I’m fine with it, I’m happy with it. I wanted to be put on this, so I could live my life and not feel like I’m attached to a woman or a woman got strings on me. I don’t like that. I don’t play that. Because at the end of the day, I’m me and I’m going to do me. So know what I’m saying, that’s why and I love it.”

Though he confirmed he is on child support, he denies being broke and having any financial troubles. Bow Wow also stressed that he doesn’t have any beef with his baby mama and says as much as he loves his daughter, he’s not trying to have any more kids for a while. So when he was asked by a listener if he is still having unprotected sex, he says:

“Hell Nah! I learned my lesson. If you don’t want any issues or headaches, wrap it up!”

He was also asked about what would happen if his ex Ciara happened to come on the show:

“I’ma just do what I do. I mean, I’ma be Bow. You know what I’m saying?”

When asked if seeing her get married would hurt him:

“No. Not at all. Why would it? That was like 8 years ago. Why would it hurt?”

And then the host asks him why he just won’t admit he’s still not over Ciara:

“You sound crazy.”



  1. I remember that situation where Bow Wow was called by his BM’s sister. I feel that Bow Wow is not going to be a responsible father. He seems to only care about being young, wild & free and not being an adult.

  2. Huh? How does being on child support equal freedom? The government basically owns you Bow. And yes your BM does still have strings to pull you by. LOL is he really serious?

  3. I don’t care what he says, 1. it’s going to be awkward as hell when Ciara comes on the show. 2. I doubt he asked to be on child support. Just sayin.

  4. When you have kids with someone, there will ALWAYS be strings attached. Bow Wow sounds really immature. He needs to add that “Lil” back to his name again.

  5. In a way, I do understand where he is coming from. Having the government step in will keep emotions out of it. But if he doesn’t pay like he is supposed to, it’s a wrap. In a way, it a win/win for both him and the bm.

  6. This is proof that children need fathers in their lives. Otherwise, you will have men like Bow Wow parading around the fact that he pays child support. He doesn’t see the value of actually attempting to have a relationship with his BM because his mom never really had that kind of relationship with his dad.

    The cycle continues…

  7. Well this is a very interesting outlook. If it works for them, then great. But I really wish more black men took pride in being husbands and fathers, instead they take pride in paying child support.

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