Beyonce & Chelsea Handler Bury Their Beef to Join Gwyneth Paltrow For Birthday Celebration


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chelsea Handler and Beyonce were rumored to have some sort a beef a few years ago when Chelsea famously went after Beyonce and her fans on her late night talk show, Chelsea Handler. A couple of years ago, Chelsea Handler went in on Beyonce in what many coined as one of the most disrespectful rants ever. We’re not sure what Beyonce did to set her off, but after seeing Beyonce’s performance at the Grammys that year, something about Beyonce just wasn’t sitting well for Chelsea.

She rants:

I was enjoying the show until Beyonce stomped her way onto the stage like a Clydesdale and did this *shows clip of Beyonce grabbing her crotch* Why you grabbing between your legs Kitty Kat? I thought all of your junk was in your trunk. It’s pretty inappropriate. This is a Family show and wherever they are, the two kids I gave up for adoption should not be seeing that.

So Listen up Badonkabonk, Not too long ago you made a public statement that you were going to take some time off. What happened? You don’t think I can recognize you just because for once you are not wearing a unitard. Kanye West may be a jack ass but at least when he said he was going away he did, unlike you, he’s a douche bag of his own word. And what is this? *shows clip of Beyonce swinging her hair during Grammy performance* That is not a dance move. That is what you do when your weave is on fire”

The rant outraged a lot of Beyonce’s fans, as some said they felt like there were some racial undertones in the criticisms.

After Beyonce’s fans came after Chelsea on Twitter, she then proceed to tear them apart the very next day on her show. Handler called Beyonce’s fans illiterate and claimed that she couldn’t take most of their threats seriously because she couldn’t get past their horrible misspellings.

Beyonce was said not to be too happy about the comments made about her and her fans, but as usual, took the high road and never responded to Chelsea’s rant.

Regardless, the two decided to put aside the hatchet for now and both attended a girl’s night out for Gwyneth Paltrow’s 40th birthday.

According to E! News:

Gwyneth Paltrow turned the big 4-0 on Sept. 27. But when you’re the Goddess of GOOP, birthday celebrations are not limited to one day—or even one month!

Last Friday (Oct. 5), Gwyneth and girlfriends Cameron Diaz, Chelsea Handler, Kristen Wiig and Beyoncé celebrated the actress’s special day. The A-list crew was all smiles as they made their way into Elio’s, an upscale eatery on New York City’s Upper East Side.


  1. I don’t mind Bey getting new friends, but all of this seems so fake to me. I look up and all of a sudden Gwyneth Paltrow is her best friend. What happened to Kelly? And now she’s cool with Chelsea Handler’s racist a– too? You’re blowing me Bey.

    1. Kelly and Bey are still cool but she’s been too busy running behind LaLa and Kim K. these days. I’m not sure why.

    2. Ah come on, you guys don’t have white girlfriends? They aren’t that much different from us. I don’t see why yall don’t like Bey hanging with Gwyneth. They seem to genuinely enjoy each others company. Plus Kelly isn’t married or seriously dating anyone. It’s probably hard for her to hang out with a married couple. It gets awkward I would imagine. Gwyneth is married too, so it just works out I guess.

  2. I agree with those who said Chelsea’s rang had racist undertones. Se shades black women celebs all the time. Did anyone see when she went in on Serena Williams? She called her manly. I can’t stand Chelsea.

    1. I saw that. I think she called her an animal too? When she said she was scared of her because of the way she looks, I had to change the channel. Chelsea has no room to shade anyone when it comes to looks. Her face looks beat even when she has on makeup. She is not attractive.

  3. Yeah Chelsea does go in on black women all the time. The way she talked about Beyonce’s body and weave was very racist. I don’t like her and never got why she blew up. She probably smiled all in Bey’s face the whole night too. Bish.

  4. The sad thing is if Beyonce ever does become irrelevant, Gwyneth will just replace her with a bigger star. She’s a leach.

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