Evelyn Lozada Gets Into it With Chad Johnson’s New Boo

evelyn lozada

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson may be over and officially divorced, but that doesn’t mean the drama between the two is over. Fresh from her session on Fix My Life, Evelyn returned to Twitter a couple of weeks ago after taking a hiatus during the controversy that left Evelyn and Chad’s marriage destroyed. In several interviews, Evelyn stated that she wanted to change for the better after enduring the issues she had in her former marriage. Although she claimed she would embrace positivity a lot more in her personal life, it was assumed that Evelyn would dodge any more negativity pertaining to her relationship with Chad Johnson. Well that might get a little bit harder to do since Chad has been openly flirting with some new chick on Twitter for the last few days.

Apparently, Chad’s “new boo” has been sending him sappy tweets and even getting in good with his mother (who is also on Twitter). While we’re still not sure what was said (some tweets have been deleted) to get things poppin’ off, we do know that Evelyn was tweeted along with Chad’s new boo before all hell broke lose.

Perhaps it all popped off when Chad and New Chick started flirting (Chad’s deleted most of the tweets):

chad's new boo

Then one of Evelyn’s friends (or supporters) came after her:

chad new boo

Evelyn jumps in:

chad new boo tweets

Chad’s new boo pops off:

chad boo twitter beef

Evelyn didn’t respond back, but it appears that Chad’s mom tweeted Chad’s new boo after the beef went down:

chad's mom and new boo

Oh goodness.


In related news, despite the drama with Chad and New Chick, Evelyn has plenty to celebrate right now, as she just announced on her Instagram account that her book, The Inner Circle, is being adapted for a movie. Congrats to Evelyn.


  1. I know Chad used to be her husband, but she needs to stop entertaining his foolishness on Twitter. He’s probably just messing with this chick to make her jealous. He’s such a jerk.

  2. SMH. Move on Evelyn. And that includes not paying attention to what he does on Twitter. He’s not your man anymore.

  3. Why is Ev’s friend asking the girl about whether or not she cares about Ev & Chad’s marriage? What marriage? They aren’t married anymore. They are acting silly. Let that girl live. She’s not getting a prize anyway. LOL.

  4. Evelyn needs to get out of her emotions. She’s still letting Chad have too much power over her. Her career seems to still be taking off, so let him do what he does.

  5. Hilarious. Ole girl clapped back. She won’t last longer than 2 weeks with Chad tho. He seems to go through them quickly.

  6. Chad new girl is going to have to learn how to properly snatch a wig on Twitter if she’s going to be with him. She’ll need really clever comebacks for his many other jumpoffs that will be coming for her on Twitter.

  7. Real mature ladies. Meanwhile, he’s deleted his tweets and said nothing else. Never let them see you sweat Evelyn.

  8. LOL I hate it when women let their friends get them caught up in some BS. Ev’s friends need to stop notifying her of every little thing Chad does on Twitter. They aren’t married and she needs to move on. Her friends do too.

  9. Eve , needs to move on! This girl Tiffany, at least has a brain, career,etc. And who knows maybe she will work out for him. She is the one hat needs to watch out, especially based on the BS drama going on between Chad & Eve.

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