Rihanna Says She Doesn’t Use Cocaine, Only Marijuana


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna is known for her wild partying ways. The pop star and Bajan singer practically parties every night and has no qualms about posting her night time adventures for her fans to see on Twitter and Instagram. Of course Rihanna’s love for the party scene has not managed to hinder her career any, as she has seemingly discovered how to keep the perfect balance of work and play. Despite how much clubbing she does, she still has found time to record 6 albums, and she’s even been photographed leaving the studio while working on her upcoming album Unapologetic and heading straight to the club. However, that has not stopped people from whispering that she might go a little to far with her partying ways, while some have even assumed that the singer has to be on some kind of hard drugs as well. It was even alleged that close friends to the singer  also get concerned at times with Rihanna, as it was reported that they felt she could drink too much at times.

Earlier this year at the Coachella Music Festival, Rihanna was photographed sitting on top of her bodyguard’s head rolling a blunt. Many sites reported that her blunt contained cocaine, and the same sites cited photos as evidence that the singer was using cocaine.

rihanna cocaine

rihanna cocaine

Although Rihanna’s spokesperson did not officially deny the reports, Rihanna made fun of the rumors on her Twitter account. But in her interview with Vogue (the upcoming November issue), it is clear that behind closed doors, it was no joking matter to Rihanna.

Rihanna reveals her true feelings about the controversy and says:

“They knew what it was. They knew it was marijuana. It was completely clear to them. I just thought it was uncalled for. I don’t do cocaine. I don’t like being associated with anything that’s untrue.”


  1. I figured this much. I just never believed Rihanna was on hard drugs. She works too hard for that. Now can I see her drinking too much? Absolutely. But cocaine, nope. Say what you want about the chick, she’s works very hard. And that’s hard to do when you are a druggie.

  2. If Rihanna had a problem with people saying it was cocaine, she should have released a statement to deny it. Gosh, she’s such an attention whore.

    1. Exactly. She’s the one that released the pictures herself and put that tacky filter on the photos. She knew it would look like cocaine. She just wanted to get people talking.

  3. This interview sounds dry as hell, It sounds like 95% of it is going to be about Chris and I’m tired of hearing her gush over the man that punched her in the face.

  4. Whatever. Rihanna is so extra. She’s not the only person in the business who smokes marijuana, but she has act like she does on her Instagram account. I don’t understand why people feel like the need to broadcast to the world and upload pictures so people can know that they smoke. Is that a badge of honor? Is she proud of herself? It’s just childish to me.

  5. Rihanna has to be on something running back to a man that 2-pieced her and gave her a swift uppercut like the bus driver to that girl on the bus in Cleveland.

  6. We knew this already Rih. You are my girl and everything, but I’ma need you to have some new material to talk about in interviews. I’m tired of you just talking about your stale a– relationship with Chris and smoking preference. You’re getting boring bew.

  7. “I don’t like being associated with anything that’s untrue.” >>>> Only when it applies to Chris and Karrueche though, right? Girl, BYE.

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