Cissy Houston Skips Whitney Houston Tribute Because of Beef With Bobbi Kristina

bobbi kristina and cissy houston

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s no secret that the Houston family is currently at odds with Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon for their high controversial romantic relationship. Although the couple originally denied that were even an item, it’s gotten hard for them to deny after they were snapped getting cozy with one another in photos. But of course, the problems the family has with the relationship aren’t surprising, with Nick’s true intentions being questionable and the reality that Nick Gordon is actually Bobbi Kristina’s god brother. Although it’s been clear to both Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon that the family is not happy about their romance, it was made even more apparent when Cissy Houston put in a request to delay the schedule payment of  Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance. In the court documents filed, Cissy Houston cites certain people in Bobbi Kristina’s life (most have assumed she is referring to Gordon) as a reason for the request.

And it is the attempt to delay the schedule payment of Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance that has caused her to be at odds even more with her family. While some sources are claiming she intends to fight back legally, others are saying she’s not communicating with Cissy Houston because of it.

But if the latest gossip bears any truth, it looks like Bobbi Kristina isn’t the only one with beef. According to the latest reports, Cissy Houston skipped out of the Whitney Houston Tribute because she didn’t want to be anywhere near Bobbi Kristina or Nick Gordon. Apparently, she’s too angry with her grand daughter’s behavior to even sit with her at the show.

Here’s the report:

The mother of the late Whitney Houston was so enraged with Bobbi Kristina Brown’s plans to wed “adopted brother” Nick Gordon she snubbed a star-studded tribute for the I Will Always Love You singer, the National Enquirer claims.

Cissy Houston, 79, refused to attend the Grammys’ Final salute for Whitney on October 11 at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre because Bobbi Kristina and Nick were scheduled to attend.

“Cissy really wanted to be there for Whitney,” revealed a source close to the family.

“But she’s just too angry with Bobbi Kristina right now. Cissy and her oldest son Gary couldn’t stomach sitting next to Bobbi Kristina and Nick.”

This report comes just days after it was confirmed that Cissy Houston did not attend the tribute to her daughter Whitney Houston. Many found it very strange that Cissy, who usually attends any sort of tributes in honor of Whitney, did not show up, yet Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon were front and center.

The couple was said to be engaged after promotional clips of their upcoming reality show featured a segment in which Bobbi Kristina announces that she is engaged to Gordon while at dinner with family, but the family’s spokesperson denied the couple were engaged the very next day. Hinting that people would have to watch the show to find out what happened.


  1. Wow. I hope Cissy and Bobbi can work things out. It’s obvious that she’s going to date who she wants to, so they have to find a way to still have a relationship despite that.

  2. SMH, Bobbi Kris needs to make right with her grandmother. She loves her and just wants the best for her. And the best probably isn’t Nick Gordon. I feel like this reality show they have coming out is going to do more damage than good to this family.

  3. Bobbi Kris is headed down the exact same path as her mother…didn’t Whitney beef with her mom at some point over Bobby?

  4. This is pretty sad. I’ve always been one of those people that weighs my family’s opinions and reactions to my s/o’s heavily. It says a lot when you date someone and it divides you from your family. Bobbi better wake up quick before she ends up exactly like her mama.

  5. Wow. They are beefing like that?! Bobbi Kris needs to reevaluate her relationship with Nick. It’s not a good sign when your family hates you being with someone.

  6. The funny thing is, Bobbi K. thinks that her family is only at odds with Nick over money. Yet, it hasn’t hit her that Nick is only with her over money. Crazy.

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