Halle Berry Sounds Kind of Arrogant While She Explains Her Failed Relationships

halle berry

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s no doubt that Halle Berry is a gorgeous woman and a successful actress, but for some reason, none of her success seemed to spill over into her love life. Divorced twice and currently undergoing a rather nasty custody battle with Gabriel Aubry, the father of her child Nahla, Halle would like to think that she finally got it right. The beautiful actress is currently engaged to French actor Oliver Martinez, and in the process of trying to convince the court that she and her daughter would have a better life in France. But it’s her past and several failed relationships that makes it so hard for most people to believe that Halle finally has a love that will last.

Halle is quite aware of her bad luck with men and even discusses it a bit in an interview with T, The New York Times Style Magazine.  But it’s the way the actress explains her failed relationships that has many people calling her response arrogant.

She says:

“My picker’s broken,” Berry tells T about her ability to choose men. “God just wanted to mix up my life. Maybe he was thinking, ‘This girl can’t get everything! I’m going to give her a broken picker.'”

But now that she’s engaged to Olivier Martinez, she says her picker is apparently “fixed now.”

According to Berry, part of her questionable past choices comes from her admitted low self-esteem.

“Just because they see my face doesn’t mean they see me. A person’s self-esteem has nothing to do with how she looks,” she says. “If it’s true that I’m beautiful, I’m proof of that. Self-esteem comes from who you have in your life. How you were raised. What you struggled with as a child.”


  1. She’s a beautiful woman, but yeah, she’s a little on the arrogant side when it comes to her looks. She’s right though, looks mean nothing when it comes to having successful relationships.

  2. I think she’s a beauty but I was turned off by thins interview. But I was also turned off by the way she’s been shading her exes too. It just seems like her attitude sucks.

  3. Did she really say “God said he couldn’t give her everything?” Umm Halle, you’re cute and all but there’s women even better looking than you with better personalities.

  4. A broken picker? Girl BYE!!!! You pick the wrong men because you refused to pick men without materialistic conditions. In other words, you were looking for the wrong things. And you probably still are. This woman puts too much value in looks.

  5. Typical delusional celeb. Yes, she’s very pretty. But she has man problems because her attitude is not as attractive as her face.

  6. It’s probably a combination of things. Her attitude, and yes, picking the wrong men to date. At least she can acknowledge the latter. A lot of women can’t even do that.

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