Halle Berry Pays Alexandra Shipp Dust

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Halle Berry portrayed Storm in earlier “X-Men” movies, but newcomer Alexander Shipp has been chosen to portray a younger Storm in the next installment.

Interestingly enough, when Alexandra reached out to Halle to get some tips on portraying the iconic comic book character on the big screen, she didn’t get a response.

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  1. Alexandra should have kept this information to herself. She’s too new to make these kinds of gaffs. You don’t snitch on an Oscar winning actress when a second ago you were in a flop Aaliyah biopic on Lifetime.

  2. Halle is feeling some kind of way about how the studio did her. They barely gave her more than two lines per film. Of course she didn’t respond to the email.

  3. Why should she respond to the email?? It’s not a biopic, Shipp isn’t learning her life story/ characteristics. If she don’t go read a freaking comic book and be happy for her opportunity…. her email could be taken as shade (sorry they didn’t want you and they wanted me but can you teach me everything you know).. also is it proven that Halle wasn’t offered the position?? or could she have refused it??

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