Tyler Perry’s ‘Alex Cross’ Suffers From Disappointing Box Office Opening Amidst Bad Reviews

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyler Perry has made it known that he doesn’t want to just settle for making Madea films. Although the playwright has had plenty of success with his Madea franchise at the box office, Perry has claimed that he would like to develop his talents as an actor even more, and take on a wider range of roles. However, many were shocked when they learned that Tyler Perry would be the male lead in the remake of the Alex Cross film. The role has been described as an action packed one, so many were unsure of whether or not Perry could even pull it off. But in a recent interview, Perry claimed that he was confident enough in his own abilities to find success in this role. He even said he lost a lot of weight for this film, and now feels confident enough to be a sex symbol. Regardless, most people have expressed their lack of enthusiasm about the film on the social networks.

Now the box office numbers and movie reviews for Alex Cross are in. And unfortunately for Tyler Perry, neither bring about any good news.

The box office numbers were disappointing and according to reports, failed to show any signs of the crossover effect Tyler was hoping for.

According to E! News Online:

Alex Cross, Tyler Perry’s first starring stint outside of a movie branded as, well, Tyler Perry’s, played below modest expectations at the weekend box office, debuting to a so-so $11.8 million, per estimates, and failing to expand beyond Perry’s core audience.

…On one hand, Alex Cross played just like a Perry movie, drawing moviegoers who were predominantly African-American women over the age of 35 (and who liked the movie, grading it an A).

But this time the numbers didn’t add up.

Alex Cross is Perry’s lowest-grossing opener as an actor; it is the second-lowest debut of his career, after Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls, which he wrote, directed and produced.

And not too long ago, it was revealed that sex symbol Idris Elba was originally in the running for the role, but lost out to Perry because the author of the Alex Cross series James Patterson didn’t think Elba was “box office” enough to bring in the numbers:

The funny or not-funny thing, depending on your perspective, is that Perry was tapped to star in Alex Cross after filmmakers ditched Idris Elba (Luther, Obsessed) because the British actor, who starred in Daddy’s Little Girls, by the by, wasn’t considered box office.

“Idris is great, but I don’t know if he can open a movie,” Alex Cross author James Patterson said in the Los Angeles Times.

The reviews for the film were also pretty terrible. Most of the critics just felt that Tyler Perry was not the best choice for this role, and they seem to feel that Tyler could not bring the film the same justice Morgan Freeman did in the past.


  1. I’m not surprised. He didn’t look believable in the previews. Maybe now he will stop buying all his roles outside of his own movies.

  2. Man, black women don’t want to see you get your Denzel or Morgan Freeman on, Tyler. They just want you to stick with that Madea role you have or make another “woe is me because I am a dark skin black woman” joint that you have became accustomed to do.

  3. I’m not even mad at Tyler for steeping outside the box. At the end of the day, at least he went after his dreams. Most people won’t be able to say the same. IJS.

  4. I didn’t see it and have no desire to see it….when I see Tyler Perry I don’t see sex symboy I see choir boy or deacon or pastor he doesn’t have the face to make women lust after him he’s the “marrying” type not the lust for u type. They shoulda kept Idris cuz he has that swag that a role such as this needed….Tyler unfortunately you PIGEON-HOLED urself when u showed up on the scene in a wig and a dress…I love his story of overcoming hardships but he don’t do it for me as a sexy guy.

  5. I thought Tyler did a great job in “Alex Cross”. It was the one of the times that he played a true man with intelligence. It was clean, and it was, in my opinion, giving some insight how the law investigate today’s criminal, in hi-tech. It was something I didn’t expect. I love all of Tyler’s Madea movies. I love the fact that he went to do something different. He has convince me that he can do more than present laughter. This movie also so other qualities, such as how much a person would go to various lengths to save their family at all cost. It makes you wonder about the type of criminals we have read about in today’s society, and the type of law enforcement is willing to take on the challenge to stop them. Keep up the good work Tyler.

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