Nicki Minaj Simulates Sex on Stage During Performance

nicki minaj

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Fresh from the controversy and alleged manufactured beef with Mariah Carey, it appears that Nicki is back to being her crazy self on stage. For the last few weeks, Nicki has been engaged in an American Idol controversy with Mariah, which eventually escalated to a verbal thrashing from many critics. Although sources close to the production staff of American Idol claim the beef was nothing more than a publicity stunt to save s show that is currently suffering from a decline in ratings, the beef has caused Nicki to be labeled as a disrespectful music newbie who ought to respect her elders, as Queen Latifah put so eloquently in one of her recent interviews. Nicki eventually had somewhat of a meltdown on her Twitter account when rumors of her threatening to shoot Mariah with a gun became widespread in the press, thanks to Mariah’s interesting interview with Barbara Walters.

Now that things have somewhat fizzled out, it looks like Nicki is back to being her silly and controversial self on stage. At a recent performance, a fan was able to capture her playing with herself on stage during one of her performances. During the intro of her verse to “Take It To The Head,” Nicki can be seen laying on her back with her legs spread wide open, and thrusting a microphone into her “cookie.”

I’m sure the men were pleased. Anyway here’s the clip, which was sent in to Worldstar Hip Hop:


While there are people who found this harmless and hilarious, of course there are some that find this pretty classless.



  1. Well this is what you have to resort to when you have no actual talent to justify why you’re on stage in the first place.

  2. Well as many rumors as I’ve heard about her being addicted to anal, you would think she’d at least stick that thing in the right place. I mean, does she have to be fake all the time? Put it where you really want it to be Nicki.

  3. She was just joking around in front of other ADULTS at her concert. Calm down haters. You all need a sense of humor? Does your life suck that much? 🙂

  4. I guess she is feeling the pressure now that’s it’s been made clear that her 15 minutes are up. I see you girl.

  5. Why is she even still making music? People are so stupid. I might as well just go record a rap album and pay off all these student loans. I don’t need any talent, so I’m good.

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