Jay-Z & Beyonce Get Slammed By Woman Who Beat Them Out On Blue Ivy Trademark


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Jay-Z and Beyonce just made headlines for losing a legal battle over the trademark of their daughter’s name, Blue Ivy. It was reported that Beyonce went to file for the right to trademark the name promptly after the child’s birth. Unfortunately for Bey, there was a event planning company who had been using the name for over a decade. In the end, despite Beyonce and Jay-Z’s celebrity status, the Carters lost out to the Event Planner. Despite their protest, the judge has ruled that the Event Planner can continue to use the name for her business, and Jay-Z and Beyonce can use it as well for their future business endeavors. The couple was said to have wanted to secure the name for a future line of baby products, and of course, to prevent strangers from trying to make a buck with their baby girl. Which makes sense, especially considering that there was several people that attempted to trademark the name for commercial use just days after Blue Ivy’s birth.

Well now the Event Planner is giving interviews and telling her side of the story. In a recent interview, the Event Planner, Veronica Alexandra, says she’s quite angry that Beyonce and Jay-Z would try to use their celebrity status to trademark a name she has been using for her business for years.

She tells Rolling Stone:

“I knew this was going to be a bittersweet roller coaster. If this wasn’t going to work, I’d go after both of them. Like, ‘Let’s do it!’. In my mind I had some protective rights. There’s no way by way of being a celebrity they should have entitlement [to the name]. Shame on them.”

She also admits she just found it strange that anyone would want to use the name for their child:

I was really blatantly shocked. I didn’t think it was true because nobody names their daughter Blue Ivy. Money doesn’t buy everything.”


  1. She really can’t see where Jay and Bey were coming from? This is one situation where I don’t feel like their intentions were that bad.

  2. I didn’t think Bey went after this woman intentionally. It was a business move, so I’m not sure why she took it so personal. SMH.

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