Evelyn Compares Herself to Hurricane Sandy, While Friends Claim She’ll Never Go Back to Chad

By: Taren Vaughan

Is Evelyn Lozada reconciling with Chad Johnson? Evelyn and Chad’s marriage was much anticipated as the couple exchanged wedding vows this past summer. And a just barely a month into it, their marriage came to a quick end after Chad was arrested for head butting Evelyn during a heated exchange of words over a condom receipt. The incident resulted in a number of unfortunate things for the two including job losses, public backlash and a dropped reality TV show. Evelyn wasted no time at all filing for divorce shortly after the incident went took place, Evelyn Lozada making it appear that no reconciling with Chad Johnson was going to happen. Chad however had different thoughts about everything as he supposedly was doing everything in his power to win Evelyn back. Despite Evelyn calling him out for stalking her on social networks, it looks as if the NFL wide receiver has moved on with a new boo, a woman that Evelyn had a few words with on Twitter.

Even with whispers floating around about Chad having a new woman, recent gossip claims that Evelyn is in the process of reconciling with her ex-husband. Not so says a source close to the reality TV star, revealing that Evelyn has absolutely no intentions of mending things with Chad at all despite what people think is going to happen.

Here’s what the insider had to say about Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson reconciling that was said to be taking place:

While it may be true that Evelyn Lozada is OK with a no contact order with her ex-husband being lifted, she wants people to know it does not mean she intends on reconciling with Chad Johnson.

“She wants nothing to do with him. The marriage is over,” a source close to Evelyn tells RumorFix exclusively. “We don’t want the media to think there will be a reconciliation, because there will not be one,” the insider adds.

Although there is much talk about Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson getting back together, it sounds as though that’s one reunion we won’t be seeing.

In related news, Evelyn Lozada is getting reckless on her Twitter account again. In the midst of Hurricane Sandy, a hurricane that has already killed 15 people, Lozada tweeted what many felt was a totally insensitive tweet. The reality star caused controversy for actually comparing herself to the hurricane in the most distasteful way:


evelyn lozada hurricane sandy tweet


After getting destroyed in her mentions, Evelyn eventually deleted the tweet. But the damage has already been done, especially since many feel the tweet is proof that Evelyn really hasn’t changed much, if any, despite her failed marriage to Chad (and that appearance on Fix My Life).


  1. I wish Evelyn would go away. She’s one of the trashiest people to ever appear on reality television. Who makes light of a hurricane that has killed 15 people? I really can’t stand her a–.

  2. So the attention whore is back at it huh? She may not go back to Chad but it’s not because she’s too good for him. She ain’t sh-t either.

  3. She won’t go back to Chad. It would make her look worse than she already does to the public. But even I can’t believe she tweeted this. What the hell is wrong with her?

  4. When will these dumb a– celebs understand that you can NEVER take back what you tweet? Someone will always have a screenshot of whatever tweet you think you deleted. SMDH.

      1. I agree. I see it on Twitter every day. Oh and Facebook too. People say and upload things they will only regret later. Some things just should not be uploaded to FB or tweeted.

  5. This attention whore will stop at nothing to keep people talking about her. I blame VH1 for cosigning on these groupies.

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