Sources Say Bobbi Kristina is Drinking Herself to Death

bobbi kristina drinking

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bobbi Kristina has always been labeled as an out of control and wild celebrity spawn. But since the passing of her mother and legendary singer Whitney Houston, many are concerned that her style of coping with her mother’s death could be dangerous and completely unhealthy. According to multiple sources, Bobbi Kristina could be walking in her father Bobby Brown’s footsteps. Multiple reports suggest she has developed a pretty serious drinking problem and has been relying heavily on booze to get her through the stress and sadness of losing her mother. And to make matters worse, these said sources are also claiming that the public’s and her family’s critical response of her relationship with Nick Gordon has also caused her to rely on alcohol a little too much these days.

Here’s the report from NY Daily News:

Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina could be drinking herself to death, family members say.

The 19-year-old’s boozing has actually gotten worse since she finished taping her reality show and as she struggles with questions over her “incestuous” engagement, sources say.

TMZ said they fear Whitney’s old enablers could be getting to her daughter, too.

Bobbi Kristina’s drinking figures prominently in her new Lifetime show, “The Houstons: On Our Own,” about the famous singer’s family’s attempt to cope with her absence.

In one episode tease, Bobbi Kristina slurs as she downs a glass full of wine.

“It tastes like apple juice,” she says.

Behavior like this has reportedly led Whitney’s former manager and sister-in-law Pat Houston to suggest taking the teen to treatment in California, where Whitney was also treated.

But sources have said they do not want this to happen, as Whitney’s counselor ultimately could not save her.

In related news, it looks like Bobbi Kristina and the Whitney Houston Estate (Cissy Houston) have settled those inheritance issues. As we recently reported. Bobbi Kristina was at odds with Cissy Houston over when she would be reciving her inheritance. Drama popped off between the two when Cissy filed paperwork in the courts to push back the payment schedule, which she mainly did because she’s thinking Nick Gordon is after Bobbi Kristina’s money. Well, according to the Chicago Sun-Times and multiple news sources, Bobbi will get 10 percent on her 21st birthday, 20 percent at 25, and the rest in full on her 30th birthday. Rumor has it her inheritance is around 20 million. Not bad.


    1. She has a family that’s afraid to step up and tell her no. They don’t want to lose their money source. It’s the same reason they didn’t step up and put Whitney in her place.

  1. She drinks right in front of her Aunt and Uncle on the show. She really doesn’t care. Yes, I understand she is grieving, but she was also doing this stuff BEFORE her mother passed. She needs some serious help.

  2. This child is a sad case. I don’t see her living a long life. You can’t be reckless and never expect it to catch up to you.

  3. I tried to watch the show, but it’s so hard to watch because Bobbi Kris just seems like she’s drunk and high all the time.

  4. I agree 100% that its hard to watch this show because Bobbi Christina is always drunk and or High. I have never seen an episode with her being str8!! Rediculous!! She heading in the wrong direction nothg good about this Gurl.

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