Gucci Mane Slams Nicki Minaj and Says She’s Not Loyal

gucci mane nicki minaj diss

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Gucci Mane diss Nicki Minaj? It sure does appear that way. Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj share a history that stems back from the Head Barbie’s early days before she even got signed to Young Money. As we all saw during the first season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, Nicki used to have the same management as Gucci and Waka Flocka, and that would be Deb Atney. Deb Atney credits herself for most of Nicki’s success, as she believes she is the one that helped Nicki attract all the buzz that eventually ended up getting the attention of Lil Wayne, who then signed her to Young Money. But it would be Deb who had Nicki all over the Hip Hop blogs and eventually a regular on the urban gossip blogs, and on popular tracks with Gucci Mane and other popular rappers. Of course this was also the same time she released her very popular mix tapes, and these also played a pretty big role in her surging popularity.

Despite all the success Nicki had with Deb Atney, she ended up switching over to new management, and that would be the management team that Young Money provides for most of their artists. Although Deb Atney says it’s no hard feelings, it appears that Gucci Mane does not seem to feel the same way. According to Gucci, Nicki Minaj is selfish and loyal to no one but herself.

In a recent interview with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, he says:

“It’s like when she came to Atlanta, she gave me a shout out, she said I helped her out in her career. But at the end of the day, you know what I’m sayin’, you know I just think a lot of the times, you keep it real with somebody, you can’t expect them to keep it real with you. I told you man, [a lot of people in] this industry man want to be famous, people forget how to keep it real and forget the people that helped them get to where they at. So when that money starts coming in…the fame mess a fool man, it really is. If an artist that just coming in thinks everything they make is hot, [they think] everybody hatin on them if they don’t play they record. So I on seen so many people careers go down. So I tip my hat off to Nicki for being a hard worker. But at the same time, she know she ain’t keep it real.”

To be fair, Gucci Mane is not the only one who feels Nicki isn’t loyal and has forgotten where she came from. Her very first manager Big Fendi has also stated that he was the one that created Nicki’s “Barbie” image (which he claims was created specifically from Lil Kim’s image), and she threw him the deuces for Deb Atney and Young Money without giving him any credit.

In an interview, he says:

“I created Nicki Minaj from zero. [All Nicki Minaj had] was a f***in flyer page. I gave her to Debbie… I took her to wayne! I did my job! I made it happen!”

Nicki gave him credit as well earlier in her career and no longer speaks on the subject.

Here’s the clip of the Gucci Mane interview where he calls Nicki out for not being loyal and even takes shots at up and coming rapper French Montana too:


  1. I don’t even like Nicki but I don’t see how she’s wrong for going to the right people to put her in front of a bigger audience (Young Money). She’s a business at the end of the day. It sounds like they are salty that she left. If she gave them props and they are still salty, that’s got to be the real issue.

    1. I totally agree. She gave all her former managers props, so what do they really want? She doesn’t owe them her entire career.

  2. Of course she’s not real. There’s nothing real about her. Her body, image, personality, and career are all carbon copies of another person. She sucks and I’m tired of her.

  3. Nicki is an opportunist. She’s going to do wherever she has to do to get ahead. Money is the only thing that matters to her.

  4. Who cares? She sucks no matter who her management is. I blame all of them for introducing the world to this trash. Now we can’t get rid ofher.

  5. I could BARELY understand what this fool was even saying. F-ck Nicki, this man needs an education. He can’t even express himself or communicate, but he wants to rap. Sad.

  6. Man I swear these dudes must have extra estrogen in their system or something. Gucci seems like he is suffering through PMS in this interview. And can anybody understand what this guy is saying?

  7. What people fail to realize is that the Music Business is a business. Just as when employers hire workers, Labels cannot expect their Artists to not look out for their own best interests in lieu of loyalty for the label. Nicki Minaj did what she was supposed to do which was follow a path that would help out her career the best.

  8. Was Nicki Minaj under contract with Deb or Big Fendi when she jumped to Diddy and Young Money? If so, they should just go ahead and sue Slim and Baby.

  9. Can somebody say “POOF BE GONE!!!” Im sick of HER….GEESH she need to go under ground with Kim K the Porn Star, Kanye The Peter Pan F-ggot and Kris Jenner the Evil witch and THEY all disappear and NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER surface earth again….UGH

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