Katt Williams Walks Off Stage Early During Stand Up Performance After He Curses Out Hecklers

katt williams

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Can Katt Williams’ life get any more controversial? The comedian has had a tough time continuing his career in stand up comedy, as he seems to always run into issues with rowdy audience members as of late. And if that’s not enough, he also finds time to beef with other comedians, as he was just arrested and let go after allegedly pulling a gun out on Faizon Love. Katt was later cleared of any charges, but Faizon stands by his claims that during a disagreement with Katt over money, Katt pulled out a gun on him in the parking lot of a club. According to many, Katt Williams has been acting very erratic and causing too much trouble during his stand up tours. There are rumors that drug use could be the cause behind Katt’s behavior, and even Faizon Love seems to agree. Regardless, Katt continues to tour major cities and sell out shows everywhere.

But once again, at a recent show in Denver, Katt gets into it with rowdy audience members. This time it was drunk hecklers, who reportedly continued to pester Katt while he tried to get through his introduction. By the looks of the video from the incident, it appears that Katt was attempting to bring out a couple of rappers, but couldn’t get the crowd to calm down enough to get through the introduction. So instead, he began to argue and go back and forth with the hecklers.

This did not sit well with the audience, especially since the show started an hour late (6 additional comedians were supposed to take the stage at 8, but they didn’t come on until 9). So when Katt attempted to do a long and drawn out introduction, things took a turn for the worse. And the drunk hecklers only made matters worse.

As Katt and the hecklers began to exchange insults, people in the audience began to boo and then eventually, stand up and walk out.

That’s when Katt began to curse out the audience and tell them they had ruined the show, and he would instead, refund everyone’s money back. Katt then promptly walked off the stage.

Peep the video:


  1. SMH. I really hope Katt can get it together. He’s funnier than Kevin Hart to me, and I honestly feel like he should be bigger than he is.

  2. Just sad. He has to learn how to let the hecklers comments roll of his back and get on with his routine. There will always be a–holes, but you can’t let them stop you from making your money.

  3. As hilarious as Katt is, I wouldn’t pay to see him live for this very reason. He’s obviously going through some things, so things like this are going to happen. I’d rather save my money and watch his old stuff on DVD. IJS.

  4. Oh Katt. I never saw this happening to him. I just knew he was going to blow up. But nope, it was Kevin Hart. And not because he’s funnier but he’s got more sense.

  5. It’s always something with this dude. If he doesn’t get it together, he’s going to end up another tragedy.

  6. I don’t think Katt should be fully blamed for this one. He had some really aggressive people in the audience that made it hard for him to get through his performance. He did the right thing by walking out before things got violent and agreeing to refund everyone’s money back.

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