Lauryn Hill Speaks on Wyclef Jean and Rohan Marley

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Lauryn Hill finally speak on Wyclef Jean and Rohan Marley? Lauryn Hill is one of the most talented female emcees in that the Hip-Hop world has ever seen. With the ability to sing under her belt made her a great fit to the famed rap trio The Fugees, who as a group went on to sell millions of records during their reign as a rap unit. As the group members appeared to be tight knit, it was recently revealed that there was one in particular that Lauryn was extremely close to. In his new book Purpose, Wyclef Jean spoke on the affair that he had with Lauryn Hill while he was still married (and even dished on how his wife discovered it). Wyclef even claimed that Lauryn lied to him about being pregnant with his baby. Learning of Wyclef’s claims, Lauryn’s ex Rohan Marley was reportedly infuriated, saying that they were not true at all and that Wyclef knew the whole time that the baby wasn’t his. We’ve heard Lauryn’s ex speak on Wyclef’s comments. But what did Lauryn herself have to say about the beans that he has spilled? Currently on tour with Nas, Lauryn took time out during one of her performances in Dallas, Texas on stage to addressing both Wyclef Jean and Rohan Marley to the audience.

“…Often timed poised in a bigger scheme. So when they under pressure attack me, I love them still. I know what they’re going through. It’s called the high road, try taking it sometime. The high road, the high road. I’m not going to play my hand like this oppressive system would have me play my hand because I know the oppression that took place in Haiti and Jamaica and America and Africa and Europe. So just be patient, cliff always rises to the top and the truth will always surface…”

Although Lauryn Hill is probably extremely excited to be back in action on stage, she was not opposed to taking a minute out of her performance to send a message to Wyclef and her ex for their comments about her.


  1. Man. I appreciate her taking the high road but I would love it more if she called Wyclef out. Can’t stand him. LOL

    1. I don’t think she should have take the high road. The things Wyclef claims happened make her look terrible. She needs to address these things. She’s not above telling her side of the story.

  2. Wyclef was thirsty he wants to climb back to the top I mean think about it this man writes a book about an affair he had with his band member and didn’t even have the common courtesy to tell his wife FIRST….now if that doesn’t display a narcissitic attitude I don’t know what else would. I LOVE ME SUM LAURYN!!!! Yes she did take the high road they know what it is and yeah she messed up sleeping with married men but I dont’ know ONE human being sin free whether ur a thief, liar or traitor a sin is a sin is a sin…ppl kill me with that bs…

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