Brandy Talks About Her Fake Marriage, Kim Kardashian, & Shedding the ‘Perfect’ Image

brandy norwood

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Brandy Norwood is enjoying the success of her current album Two Eleven, and opening up more and more about the trials and tribulations of her personal life. The singer embarked on success in the music industry at a young age for the first time, as she hit the scene at age 16 and had a very successful first album that did amazing on the charts. But it would be her squeaky clean image that would make her career even harder to maintain. Brandy was so young when she started her journey in the industry, so her handlers wanted to portray her as a perfect role model for young women. This forced Brandy to become something she believes she wasn’t, and it followed her into her adult life. When Brandy got pregnant before marriage, she was then told to fake a marriage with the child of her father, former producer Robert Smith.

The couple even had a reality show that followed Brandy through her pregnancy and child birth.

But once the relationship got rocky, the couple called it quits. Her ex ran to the press and claimed that the marriage was a fake one and that he and Brandy were never married. He also suggested that they faked their marriage to keep Brandy’s image from taking a hit, as it was perceived negative to many that a role model and successful R&B singer would get pregnant out of wedlock.

Brandy hasn’t said much about the fake marriage but she did admit that her ex’s claims were true in her VH1 Behind the Music special.

Well in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Brandy opened up a little more about the fake marriage and why she felt the need to go through with the cover up.

When the subject of marriage comes up, she says:

“I’m 33, its time to be married for real this time. I never was married. I felt that I had to be dishonest about that because of the image I had at that time.”

Brandy also claimed that she’s happier that she can be more transparent with who she really is these days.

“I love that I can be transparent. I can just be honest and be myself. In that time, I didn’t know that, and clearly, whoever was around me didn’t know that.”

Brandy also opened up a little about Kim Kardashian. The two star in upcoming Tyler Perry film The Wedding Counselor. Brandy says she hasn’t talked to Kim in years. And although Kim and Brandy don’t have any scenes together, she says it’s not because she wanted it that way.


In related news, Brandy’s album Two Eleven is doing great on the charts, as the album debuted at number 3 on the US Billboard 200 with first week sales of 65,000.

Congrats to Brandy.


See the whole interview here:


  1. I’m not surprised that she’s hasn’t spoken to Kim in years. Kim gets what she wants from people and moves on to the next. SMH.

    1. Of course. Kim hops from one black celeb to the next. But you have to be hot at the time. Once your career goes lukewarm, Kim bounces.

    2. Maybe I heard wrong, but I thought Kim stole money from Brandy while she (Kim) was her assistant. And then Brandy and her mom sued Kim for the money. I think they haven’t talked since then. Brandy is a sweet person, so I don’t expect her to bad mouth Kim but I’m sure she doesn’t really want Kim in her life.

  2. It’s a shame she felt like she had to pretend to be something she wasn’t. I’m glad she wants to be more transparent now.

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