Ciara Says 50 Cent is ‘Afraid’ of Her


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ciara and 50 Cent had a rather interesting relationship. Although it’s been rumored that they were involved in a serious relationship for a few years, neither confirmed that to the public. Instead, they shot a hot and steamy music video together, and continued to keep people speculating if they were actually a real couple. Though both have been mum on the subject up until this point, it’s clear that there still may feelings involved. Ciara still hasn’t denied that her current single Sorry isn’t about 50 Cent, and he only made matters more interesting for tweeting, “Ok, I’m sorry” around the time the single was officially released. Regardless, Ciara still refuses to confirm who the song was about. However, if recent tweets are any indication, Ciara cares especially since she took the time out of her day to shade his current “girlfriend” Daphne Joy the other day.

Ciara usually doesn’t say too much about 50, but the other day, she interviewed with The Rickey Smiley show, and she opened up a little more about the past relationship she had with 50. Though she again would not confirm that Sorry was written about 50, she did make it clear what she feels was the cause of their split. And according to Ciara, the reason she and 50 had to go separate ways is 50 Cent’s “fear of love.”

Ciara basically said that 50 Cent has some real issues with monogamy and love.

When asked if the song Sorry was about 50, she says:

“Boo Boo is crazy.”

Apparently this is Ciara’s nickname for 50.

She also says:

“You know what it is with him? How do I say this? He’s obviously far from afraid of anything he can control, obviously without a problem. But at the same time, him not being afraid of anything in that way, the one thing he is afraid of is love. And with that being said in the sense, he’s also afraid of me.”

50 Cent wasn’t the only ex boyfriend she opened up about in the interview. Bow Wow also came up. When she was asked if she still has a good relationship with his mother Teresa, she says:

“I haven’t talked to Shad in a long time. But Mama T, that’s my girl. We’ve been talking for years. And we’ve just maintained our relationship over the years. I haven’t talked to Shad in a long time. But it’s all love though.”

And when it comes to his new host gig on 106 & Park, Ciara says appearing on the show now won’t be awkward for her:

“I don’t think it will be awkward. Nah, it shouldn’t be. I don’t even think twice about it being awkward.”

And whether or not she takes any shots Bow Wow makes at her post breakup to heart, Ciara says she doesn’t sweat it:

“You know what, sometimes people go up and down with how they feel and you just never know. But at the end of the day, it comes from a place of love. It may sound crazy, but especially when guys are young…people say things that you don’t mean when you’re upset. So you know, we don’t hold them for stuff like that because we know it’s all love.”

Interestingly enough, Bow Wow also said recently that he wouldn’t make things awkward for Ciara if she came on the show.

Here’s the clip of the interview:


  1. Sigh…let it go Ciara. No he’s not afraid of love nor is he afraid of you. He’s just not that into you. So move on.

  2. This has to be some of the most delusional crap I’ve ever heard. Sounds like those stalker rumors have some truth to them.

  3. The hell? This was a little disturbing. You’re calling him Boo Boo and you think he’s “afraid” of you. I really don’t think he’s cares Ciara. He doesn’t even talk about you.

  4. I kind of get what she’s saying, but she sounds real naive. I mean, I think a man does what he wants to do. And 50 didn’t want to settle down with her. That was his choice. There’s no need to make it deeper than it is. She should move on and just focus on her career. I doubt 50 is worth all the attention she gives him.

  5. Sigh…she’s making 50 out to be more complex than he is. The man beefs on Twitter for crying out loud. Please stop it. He’s childish and didn’t want to do right. Move on girl…

  6. Hmm…I understand where’s she is coming from. Some men are afraid of commitment and being with one female. Maybe that’s 50’s problem. Where Ciara went wrong is the fact that she’s still wasting energy on this man. When a man doesn’t want to commit, there’s no need to figure out WHY, just move on. It’s not our role to change minds. Either you want us or you don’t. That simple. And it sounds like he doesn’t want her. If he did, he’d get over himself and do the right thing.

  7. I’m sorry, she sounds like a nut to me. Why is she still thinking about 50? It’s like she just refuses to move on and now she’s trying to make it seem like something is wrong with him? Umm no. Something is wrong with HER. She’s holding on to something she really shouldn’t.

  8. In all seriousness, this chick is a stalker and has serious problems. In her mind she feels if a man doesn’t want her he is afraid. The matter of the fact is……HE JUST DOESN’T WANT HER!! By 50 tweet that sorry added fuel to the fire. His silence makes her look more nutty. 50 wants love and a family, but just not with her. I wish she would leave him alone, it’s not healthy. She is determine to get him back. They may have had a nice relationship that could have led to marriage, but it didn’t. What ever happened will be revealed if she don’t leave that man alone. MOVE THE HELL ON NUTTY!

  9. SMH this child is using 50 for sales for that album coming out. What better way to grab attention and sales (hopefully) then to have people curious about if the album will disclose her and 50 relationship. NOT INTERESTED BYE

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