Lady Gaga’s Producer Slams Nicki Minaj, Nicki’s Hypeman SB Claps Back

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Nicki Minaj’s best friend/hype man SB get into with Lady Gaga’s producer? As head lady of her clique, Nicki Minaj has taken on new things outside of the music industry, starring in her own reality TV show series. Though being called out by other artists for being phony, Nicki is said to be using the series as a way to give her fans an up close and personal perspective of her. Safaree Samuels, who she affectionately refers to as SB, makes his appearances on series episodes as well as he has been her right hand man ever since she stepped on the music scene and been right by her side during all of her successes. And Nicki has said that SB has always had her back throughout the rough patches of her career. It has even been rumored that Nicki and SB are more than friends and that they were dating each other, both parties claiming that they are nothing more than really good friends. Either way, SB holds tight to his best friend duties concerning her as he wastes no time going after someone who has something negative to say about Nicki, one of those people most recently being Lady Gaga’s producer. Gossip has it that Lady Gaga’s camp is not feeling Nicki Minaj too much here lately as they supposedly feel as though she is swag jackin’ Gaga, trying to steal her image, something that Nicki got called out for before by one of Lady Gaga’s avid fans. Lady Gaga’s producer took to his Twitter account to speak his mind on Nicki:

nicki diss tweet


Of course, Nicki stans didn’t walk away quietly and neither did SB. As soon as he peeped what he had to say about Nicki, he went in on him with the quickness:


  1. Lady Gaga’s team is screwing up. 1st she gains weight and now her white DJ is poppin off at the mouth towards a black woman. Falling off indeed.

  2. He wasn’t lying though. Nicki Minaj has no talent and she blew up purely because of luck and a fake image that most people were too stupid to not fall for. She better be smart with her money because her success is temporary.

  3. Why does he always pop off and make a fool of himself on Twitter? Him hitting her in the face with a suitcase is definitely more believable with all these Twitter rants he does when someone says something he doesn’t like about Nicki. He has a serious anger issue.

  4. LMAO well Nicki brought this all on herself. When she first came out, she labeled herself (in her own words too!) the Black Lady Gaga. She is always stealing someone else’s sh-t.

      1. Actually, it sucks to be Nicki. She sold out and ruined her own legacy for 4 years of relevance. Her time in the industry is almost up.

    1. How?! Nicki is nobody. She’s just another commercialized puppet with no talent. She can barely save her own career, so how can she ruin someone else’s? LOL.

  5. Oh please. Gaga is a hater. Period! She’s irrelevant and she’s lashing out at everyone who is hotter than her. She came for Adele (called her big in an interview), came for Bey (had her label people try to sabotage Bey’s current album), and then she tried Madonna, the same chick she stole her entire image from!!!! She has absolutely no room to talk. She’s a fraud, a fake Madonna, and her 15 mins are already up. Heifer is so desperate for attention she fake vomited on stage two days after Beiber vomited because she thought she’d make headlines like Beiber did. She didn’t because no one cared. Whomp.

  6. Why do Nicki fans always bring up Kim’s declining career? Do they not understand that even in a slump, Kim raps better than Nicki Minaj ever could? Besides, Nicki’s career will decline too. It’s inevitable.

  7. Well SB is on NIcki’s payroll. His official job title is “attack dog.” He really doesn’t do much else, besides write her lyrics. The same thing Nicki accused Kim of.

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