Donald Trump Throws Temper Tantrum on Twitter After Obama Wins Second Term

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Donald Trump‘s Twitter account erupt after President Barack Obama got re-elected? President Barack Obama made history back in 2008 when he was elected as the first African American president of the United States of America. Many Americans celebrated his accomplishment as millions rushed to the polls to vote him into office. As there was uncertainty about whether or not those same people who voted for him in 2008 would show up at the polls this go round, it turns out that President Obama had just the support he needed, and a few controversial endorsements too, as he was re-elected last night and greatly celebrated by his supporters.  And as many people have stood behind The Obama Administration’s efforts to try to improve various aspects of our government and society as a whole, there are just some people that will never cut him or those associated with him any slack at all. Millionaire business guru Donald Trump just so happens to be one of those individuals. Trump has continuously offered his opinion on numerous occasions about the president and what he was done, or not done rather, while in office. But on Election Day, he turned it up a notch as he used his own personal Twitter account as the outlet to express himself and his feelings about the whole election, first warning voters to beware of faulty voting machines while calling President Obama out for campaigning with Jay-Z & Bruce Springsteen and not focusing on the Hurricane Sandy victims:

And continued to dig into President Obama and his supporters:

In the midst of his Obama bash session, Donald Trump shows love and support to Mitt Romney and his wife Ann:

And once the announcement was made that President Barack Obama would remain in office, Donald Trump went off:

(Read from bottom to top)

As many celebrated the re-election of President Obama, Donald Trump let it be known that he was not at all pleased with the outcome of this year’s presidential election.


  1. I wish the Repubs would sit the hell down. They keep talking about how the nation is divided, but hell, it’s been divided! And that’s because of them and their racist tactics. I rather have Obama over Romney any damn day! He knows what it’s like to have nothing and to come from nothing. Romney was born with a silver spoon in his mouth! How in the world was he going to help people like us?

  2. Donald Trump needs to take his constantly filing for bankruptcy self to an island and have a seat. The nerve of this man to call for a revolution because President Obama won re-election.

  3. Donald Trump and Fox News are the reasons why the GOP is in the sh*tter. Blacks, Asians and Latinos will not vote for people with these ideologies of hate and vitriol.

  4. There’s a lot of racist and angry people going off. But you know what, I don’t care. I’m to the point now where I understand that hate doesn’t really have an effect on my life or others. They hated Obama and he’s still President! So why should we be bothered that they still need to hate and be racists? They can’t stop us anymore.

  5. I’m just glad it’s over! I was tired of the ads and anger coming from both sides. Now if we can just get through the rest of the week. The repubs will be in shock for a few days.

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