Minister Farrakhan Calls out President Obama

Photo Credit: Spc. David McCarthy
Photo Credit: Spc. David McCarthy

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Minister Farrakhan feels like President Obama hasn’t done enough for black people.

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  1. For him to be such a huge public figure, he really needs to be urging people of color to pay more attention to our local elections. A president has limited power. To me, they are more like a PR person for the country. Local officials make more important decisions that impact our lives directly.

  2. If the people he talked to asked him to “go get Obama to look out for us”, what does that say about the so called work he is doing? If he is not effective on the street, what does he think Obama can do? We watched Obama’s opponents block him on every issue, he did what he could with what he was working with. Am I totally satisfied? No, but you cant blame him for all that is going on in America, and the oppression from 100s of years will not be solved in the election of the 1st black POTUS.

  3. Too many ignorant people making comments but have no clue about what the Nation of Islam has done for Black America over the past 70 + years.

  4. F-ck the Nation of Islam. They killed Malcolm. Enough said. By the way, no single religion has helped black people so get the f-ck out of here with that sh-t. We are still treated like second class citizens while he’s living the plush life so f-ck this dude!

  5. Some Nation of Islam folks swear they are saviors to black folks. What the hell ever. Anyway, I only hear about this man when he’s giving his opinions on current events. I’ve learned to tune him out. Obama isn’t perfect and black people better start paying attention to who’s running for local positions. They have more power. Yet we put more focus into who is running for president and stay at home for the local elections. That’s a huge mistake and that’s one of the reasons we are where we are now.

  6. It’s disappointing how even people with such high profile careers and platforms like this don’t understand how the government/politics work. The President’s power is very limited. With us having all these issues with police, we need public figures to be telling black people to vote in local elections. I mean they taught this in elementary school.

  7. Well I can’t relate. Thanks to Obama I was able to get on my parent’s insurance after college when I struggled to find work. So when I got really sick, I was able to go to a hospital and doctor to get the help I needed. I almost died and would have with no insurance. He also helped someone close to me who lost her job (she was wrongfully terminated but that’s another story) to get hundreds of dollars knocked off her mortgage so she could keep her home thanks to a state program he signed off on. I’m black and she’s black. He’s helped us whether people want to admit it or not. And I’m disgusted this man is talking about he helped the gays like there aren’t black gays. Let me leave. It’s too early for me to be angry.

  8. So its Obama fault these young black men are out here killing each other? Are we to believe that if Obama came to their neighborhood they would have a change of heart and decide violence is not the answer

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