In Case You Missed It: Watch President Obama’s 2012 Victory Speech

president obama 2012 win

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

President Barack Obama has done what many people thought he could not do, he has been reelected for a second term. Although the media falsely reported that the election between Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and President Obama was close, it actually wasn’t. Obama won in a landslide, getting every battleground state with the exception of North Carolina, which he only missed by 100,000+ votes. He even got the one red state they said Romney needed: Virginia. By the end of Tuesday night, President Obama would have over 300 electoral votes. Right now he stands at 303, while Romney stands at 206. The votes in Florida are still be counted, considering that voting went on during the later hours of the night. But with Obama securing Ohio and Virginia, it was pretty much a done deal for the President.

The Presidential Election wasn’t the only election of the night, as there was also the Senate and House of Representatives to worry about. By the end of the night, the Republicans retained control of the House, and the Democrats retained control of the Senate. This means that Obama and the Republicans will have to find common ground when it comes to developing policies.

Obama’s victory paints a very vivid picture of the state of the country. Minority voters are becoming increasingly more important for a victory. At this pace, it is very clear that Caucasian Americans will no longer be the majority in about 20 years. This makes the Republican Party very weak, as they can no longer depend on the white vote, which Mitt Romney received over 60% of. In the end, it would be the minority votes (and the youth) that sealed Obama’s second term as President of the United States.

We the staff here at Urban Belle Magazine just want to take the time out to say congratulations to President Obama. He ran a tough campaign and managed to bring out blacks and other minorities out to the polls in record numbers. Young people also exceeded expectations with their presence at the polls.This just proves that we are paying attention and very involved in the political process, something that has always been discredited in the media.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve decided to post Obama’s 2012 Victory Speech. Let’s continue to move forward with four more years of the Obama Administration. Yes We Can, and Yes We Did.


  1. Yessss!!!!! I was a little worried, but when the votes starting coming in, I knew it wouldn’t even be close! 4 more years!!!

  2. Knew he’d get a second term…the country is not what it used to be. The Republicans don’t stand a change if they don’t make some changes to their party.

  3. Man I was in tears last night. I won’t lie. I thought he was going to lose. Romney scared the sh-t out of me. He flips flops too much and I really think he would have gotten us into another war. I’m glad it’s over.

  4. Great speech. I can’t believe he got over 300 electoral votes. And I’m just waiting for them to give him Florida too. Shout out to the people who voted. 😉

  5. This speech was inspiring to me. I hope that Congress and Obama can sit down and finally compromise on whats best for the country.

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