R&B Divas’ Future Questionable and is Nicci Gilbert Getting Fired?

nicci gilbert

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicci Gilbert has easily claimed the title as the biggest diva on TV One’s hit reality show R&B Divas. Although the title indicated that everyone on the show could be a diva to some degree, it would be Nicci that would be the only one yelling at cast members and making the other cast mates feel absolutely uncomfortable for no apparent reason. Known for being very outspoken and maybe a tad bit on the bossy side, there had to be several moments when she rubbed her cast mates the wrong way. Regardless, it did appear that all the ladies had some sort of sisterhood despite this, but that didn’t manage to stop rumors of Nicci’s eventual firing from spreading to the gossip blogs. A couple of months ago, it was speculated that Nicci Gilbert was being fired from the show, and possibly replaced by Kelly Price. Days later, TV One denied the claims and even revealed that Nicci is actually one of the executive producers of the show.

However, Nicci ended up getting into a spat with the other producers over how she felt she was being portrayed on the show. That didn’t end too well as one of the producers put her in her place in front of everyone on Twitter.

So it should come as no surprise that those firing rumors have resurfaced. According to the YBF, Nicci Gilbert has been fired and they are currently in the process of finding a replacement. The blog claims Nicci got the boot due to her low approval ratings from viewers.

We wondered if there was any truth to the rumors this time, so we went to Nicci ‘s Twitter.

She tweets:

nicci gilbert fired

Maybe it’s just us, but Nicci sounded pretty sarcastic. So we’re thinking she might not have been fired.

And another reason we’re thinking Nicci hasn’t been fired is because R&B Divas hasn’t even been picked up for a second season yet. TV One has yet to even confirm with producers that the show will even return. Rumor has it the network kind of planned for it to be a one time thing anyhow.

One of the producers of the show confirmed to fans on Twitter that he’s still trying to get the show approved for another season:

r&b divas

We find it strange that Nicci Gilbert (or anyone else for that matter) can get fired from a show that still hasn’t been confirmed for a second season. But time will tell.


  1. Honestly, as annoying as Nicci is, she makes the show interesting. They would be stupid to get rid of the person who causes the most drama on the show. She’s also a producer, so I doubt this is true. I wonder why TV One is being so slow to pick it back up again though?

    1. I think it hasn’t been picked up yet because they can’t agree on the storyline this time around. The first season was about them making an album together. Now the album’s finished. What could they do now? None of them have decent singing careers except Faith.

      1. I honestly wouldn’t mind watching them working on their careers. Hell, it would still be way more entertaining than Basketball Wives LA.

        1. Agreed. I actually like to see women doing things, working on careers, working on goals, etc. That’s where BBW went wrong. We don’t see them do anything but fight. And that’s why RHOA is the shizznit. lol

  2. I think she was being sarcastic too. I actually like her on the show. She keeps the drama going. Everyone else (except KeKe) is kind of dry to me.

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