Nicci Gilbert Plans to Sue Syleena Johnson?

Photo Credit: @niccigilbert Instagram
Photo Credit: @niccigilbert Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicci Gilbert and Syleena Johnson’s beef is clearly going to be the bulk of the drama that goes down on season two of R&B Divas. Although they seemed to tolerate each other a lot better on the first season, it pretty much looks like any possibility of both becoming friends is gone and things got explosive for them just one episode into the new season. After Monifah attempted to get everyone to confirm they could get along well enough to go on tour together, an argument ensued between Nicci and Syleena that resulted in Nicci walking out of the house and Syleena telling her to “suck a bag of ten d*cks.” Despite that, Syleena said in a recent interview with Madame Noire that she blames her issues on Syleena on her age:

“I love all of the ladies. I think it’s very obvious that Syleena and I have some differences. And I think that those differences are definitely going to be explored a lot more this season. In fact, I think last season, one of the issues that I had on the show was that I kept so much inside for fear that it would blow up and turn into something that it didn’t need to. I love all of the ladies. KeKe is definitely like my little sister. She is the youngest of us. My daughter is 22 years old and she’s also biracial so I can relate on a lot of levels to some of the insecurities and some of those things there. Monifah and I have been friends for years so I’ve known that I wanted to do something like this for awhile. And I’ve known that the personalities would definitely be…Monifah was going to be honest about her sexuality and really honest about her struggles with addiction. And I knew that KeKe was going to honest with her domestic issues. And I knew that Syleena would definitely bring that Midwest. And she’s young too. A lot of people don’t know, Syleena’s 35, 36 years-old you know what I mean. So there’s a difference between 35 and almost 43. So you know, it was a little bit of that too. I am the oldest, literally, in the bunch so I definitely have a different train of thought. And I think that a lot of times that was highlighted.”


On the first episode of season two, Syleena claimed that her beef with Nicci stems from the fact that she didn’t sign off on the papers for her DVD and therefore stalling her from releasing it. Welp, Nicci says she didn’t sign the papers because Syleena didn’t pay her and also appears to be considering suing her (read the tweets from the bottom up):

syleena johnson twitter


  1. I have never watched this show. But lately it is been in all the blogs lately. I might have to watch to see whats going on. LOL

    1. Girl it’s good! I got on it late last year, but it’s definitely one of my favorite reality shows now. 😉

      1. Love it! Oh and did yall hear that Dawn from En Vogue & Lil Mo are going to be on the LA one? Now that’s going to be messy! Can’t wait. LOL!

        1. I heard! I’m down and will be tuning in to that one too. I love how they can keep up the drama without fighting. It’s a breath of fresh air.

  2. Nicci is so insecure and messy. She wants to say Syleena is to blame because she’s the younger one and therefore the more immature one, but look who’s tweeting. Right.

  3. Nicci makes the show with her foolishness, but she irks me at the same time. Kind of like Kenya Moore.

  4. I do feel like Syleena kind of caused things to get real bad at her house that night, but their whole beef is petty to me. It makes the show entertaining though so I’m here for it. lol

  5. The first few minutes of the episode had me cracking up. I LOVE Keke. Seriously. She’s just hilarious. Her and her husband.

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