Beyonce Deletes Controversial Mitt Romney Diss From Her Instagram Account After It Causes Outrage


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce has made her political alliance with President Obama quite clear. She and her rapper husband Jay-Z have done a lot to help the Obamas secure a second term in the White House. Not only have they raised $ 4 million to contribute to the campaign, but Beyonce even launched a successful clothing line in honor to the re-election of President Obama. The line has been a hit, with many of Obama’s supporters purchasing T shirts and hats that symbolize their support of the President. Beyonce has even walked away from starring movie roles due to her loyalty to the Obama Administration, as she recently removed herself from Clint Eastwood’s A Star is Born remake, simply because of Eastwood’s strong Republican ties. So we can’t say we’re shocked that she posted this photo to her new Instagram account on the night that it was confirmed that President Obama had beat out Mitt Romney for a second term as President of the United States:

beyonce mitt romney instagram

While Obama’s supporters seemed to love this, Beyonce pissed off some Romney supporters who just found this a little on the tasteless side:

beyonce mitt romneybeyonce mitt romneybeyonce mitt romney

Beyonce has deleted the photo.


  1. But they have racist rallies, with nooses and sh-t. Sit the f-ck down you salty bastards. Boycott these nuts.

    1. LOOOL EXACTLY WHAT THEM MITCHES NEED! Go Obama!!! Please trying to say you have class when you support that backstabbing, condescending, ish talker???? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE.

  2. LMAO I knew this would not end well. Sometimes it’s best to keep certain feelings to yourself. Beyonce knew better than this.

  3. Well dang I could see if she said take that BIT**ES…..They go from this girl Uterus to the words she say out her mouth.

  4. You know what, I honestly don’t blame her. They have been incredible rude, racists, and hateful about Obama winning. Why does the Left always have to take the high road? I say drag these bastids!!!

  5. They are just mad they lost the election. They really thought they had a chance. LOL! Anyways, ain’t nothing wrong with this picture.

  6. This is dumb. She was being silly and was happy Obama won. It’s amazing how they cry about this but are quiet as hell when their people do some racist sh-t. I can’t stand them.

  7. I wish they would stop crying. It’s over, yall lost! And you’ll lose again if you don’t stop the racist crap. Deal!

  8. I don’t like Beyawnce but I’m on her side about this one. They are overrating and they are the LAST ones to talk about a lack of class. Most of their party is made up of scary a– racist white folks. They make Bey look like Einstein.

  9. Oh please. They can TRY to boycott Bey all they want to. Bey will be fine. They don’t run sh-t. Not even the White House. #BOOM

  10. I’m surprised she did this. This is totally out of character. I’m glad she ruffled their feathers though. LOL

  11. So Beyonce isn’t classy, but Trump is?I think what he is doing is far more disrespecting than her pic……I hate when white people cry when we (other races)say something, but when is one of them, they say tha we’re getting old by pulling the race card…you go Beyonce……………….

  12. Aside from there being absolutely nothing wrong with the picture, there are obviously more Obama supporters than those other Mitches. Soooooo, despite the backlash she received, the majority is still on her side. *shrug* #2Termz

    1. And let me also say that republicans (and others) can be a bunch of felines (if you know what I mean)!!! Like, the picture was not that serious. It wasn’t racist, it wasn’t questioning the education or accomplishments of Mitt, nor was it bashing in any other way. Beyonce should’ve left the pic up, then after the responses came rolling in, posted another one with Barack and Michelle saying “Y’all mad? They mad!” Guess her celebrity status is too “up there” for that tho; this is when we need Rihanna lol

  13. All imma say is yall got what yall deserve yall think because our president is black he dont know how to run this county to me hes done a good job in the last four years then any other president other then clinton. Beyonca is wellcome to her own opinion she is human trump been very disrespectful I dont see nobody saying anything to him so if u want to baned her go ahead cause she has to many fans that will still support her team obama all day everyday to another four more year mitches!!!!!

  14. You MITHES have been exercising the 1st amendment since the beginning of time. Now that BEY, and other celebs are exercising the 1st amendment now it’s considered racist, bad, n classless. Please help me under u MITCHES, yall have been disrespectful to OUR PRESIDENT since he took office. Then you have dumb a$$ Trump saying he wasn’t a US citizen when HAWAII became part of the US in 1959, OUR PRESIDENT was born in 1961 sit ya dumb a$$ down, and go back to middle school. What’s disrespectful is moments after Romney made his speech Fox news released a statement from the MITCHES stating he WAS NOT the right candidate to run against OUR PRESIDENT, and they needed a fire fighter someone like Ronald Reagan. WTF, and why did he deserve my vote?

  15. Those Mitches are just hating.. Didn’t the CONServatives blocked roads to the Democratic convention?..I believe I read that somewhere. Those Repub are crazy.

  16. That was funny and black people like Michael Steele, Stacy Dash, Allen West and those other black Republicans that defended Mitt Romney’s bullsh-t and said that they were going to vote for him. So how it is it racist? She’s talking about them, too. I swear real racism these Republicans have committed and ignore when it comes from their party. Let a black person say something they don’t like they play the “race card” to act like the person was beng racist.

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