Lauryn Hill Screws Over Her Fans

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lauryn Hill has a pretty solid base of dedicated fans. Although she hasn’t made a solo album in years, her fans still come out to support her in record numbers at her concerts and shows. But as of late, Lauryn has been disappointing her loyal fans by arriving late to her shows and even going on rants while performing. Despite that, many continue to support the ex Fugees leading lady, as they hope she’ll eventually overcome whatever personal issues she could be facing. And perhaps it’s because Lauryn still exhibits strength and confidence, despite Wyclef’s recent comments about the alleged affair they had while he was married. While Lauryn did not confirm or deny the allegations, she did tell a crowd at one of her shows that she doesn’t take Wyclef’s claims personally. Many took this as hopefully the beginning of Lauryn getting her career back on track.

Well if the latest gossip bears any truth, Lauryn may be up to her old antics again. Hill is currently on tour with Nas. And the positive R&B singer was said to have disappointed some of her fans in Philly by not showing up to the VIP meet and greet before the show. Apparently her fans were really pissed since they paid a lot of money for a chance to meet Lauryn up close and personal and she pulled out last minute.

According to AllHipHop:

Anyway, here is my understanding of what happened. Apparently, Nas and Lauryn jointly agreed to sell premium tickets to fans. These tickets allowed fans to get backstage with both super stars, get autographs and pictures…even ask questions. Well, guess what happened? Lauryn pulled out to the chagrin of her fans! I heard many, many people were heated that this opportunity was taken from them after it was offered. Guess L-Boogie didn’t want the harassment of fielding questions. The solution? There really wasn’t one. They simply hacked the premium price in half and just had it with Nas.

I heard Nas was super cool. I heard hew as answering all questions and signing anything anybody wanted. Dude is definitely focused!

Despite skipping out on the backstage meet and greet, they did say Lauryn did manage to perform.


  1. I try to support you Lauryn but you have to do better. You can’t keep dissing your fans and exhibiting this erratic behavior that you are currently.

  2. I’m not sure why people are still giving her their hard earned money at this point. I pop in her CD when I get the urge. No concerts for me. lol

  3. She should have just said no from jump so people wouldn’t have wasted their money. Not only is she crazy, but she’s selfish too.

  4. I went to see her at HOB in Orlando for a show where doors opened at 8 and she didn’t show up until after midnight. The opening acts had long gone and a DJ was spinning old school hip hop to try to keep people hyped. I noticed though quite a few people started looking tired and yawning and eventually left. It was a weeknight and I assume most people there had work in the morning. It was a decent show but had I known she would be that late I wouldn’t have gone.

  5. Ms hill pulled herself from the meet n greets before she got to Philly. The VIP passes were 199.99 to see both artist. After ms hill pulled herself from it it became 99.99 to just see nas. The days before the tour arrived to Philly the VIP packages were pulled from the site. It wasn’t put back up until the day before the Philly show and was only offering meet and greet with nas. Due to unprofessionalism from groundctrl the company in charge of the meet and greet nas pulled his self from the remainder of the meet and greets. Nas is a cool down to earth dude he answered many questions took pictures and so did his brother jungle!!!

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