T-Boz Clowns Nicki Minaj and Rihanna? Barbs and Navy Slay Her on Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

There’s no mistaking the fact that TLC is one of the most iconic girl groups R&B and Hip Hop has ever seen. Way before there was Destiny’s Child and a plethora of later girl groups, there was T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chili. And these women were the true definition of girl power. Most of their songs were certified women empowerment anthems, and were centered around tough topics like rape, self esteem, and safe sex. They were also sexy without needing to be half naked or resorting to sex tapes. The group’s era in music is without a doubt an iconic one, even after Left Eye’s tragic death. And in a new era of music where pop singers and R&B chicks feel like they have to basically be the exact opposite to sell records, it’s no surprise that TLC’s leading lady T-Boz feels some type of way about about the state of the music industry.

In a recent interview with Max TV, it appears that T-Boz has decided to speak her mind about the current standing of the music industry. To many, it sounds like she’s taking shots at some of today’s biggest female acts. If you listen carefully, it is easy to see why people feel T-Boz threw some shade to Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

During one clip of the teaser video, T-Boz is seen impersonating Rihanna and kind of jerkishly singing the lyrics to “Umbrella.”

And then she says:

“Just because you on TV gyrating, boning, and sucking penises it’s not talent honey! Maybe in the porn industry, but over here, we entertain!

I don’t respect half the people I’ve seen lately. How the hell she gonna tell me what I need to be doing when her a-s can’t even sing? Why is she there? And now, they have rappers that don’t even sing judging? So this is totally based off of popularity I guess. So to each its own. Get your money honey, but what I’m saying is, I will never watch y’alls shows again.”

Of course the barbs and the Navy came for her on Twitter. But T-Boz stands her ground and “clarifies” her comments. Many feel she back tracked. Read from the bottom up:


To be fair, this is just a trailer to a full interview that has not even been released yet. So for now, people can only assume who T-Boz was referring to or whether or not some of these clips were taken out of context.

Check out the video that caused all the controversy:


  1. The way I see it, T-Boz can say whatever the hell she pleases. She paid her dues and put put classic music and she was a part of one of the greatest girl groups of all time. If she wants to shade crappy a– artists like Nicki and Rihanna, she can!

  2. I love me some TLC, but I think she was wrong in her delivery. She sounded bitter and like the typical celeb who is past their prime and salty about the new day stars. If she was relevant right now, she wouldn’t be shading Rih and Nicki. This was tacky on her part.

    1. GTFOH any time someone says the truth people like you want to find something negative to say about that person just because IT’S THE TRUTH. That’s what’s wrong with America. People are burring the truth with dollar bills. “Salty about the new days” They have been getting plenty of offers. They will always be remembered. What’s tacky is the fact that just because someone is popular you have to bend down and kiss their a–. UNFORTUNATELY SHE’S NOT DOING IT. Check and see if their draws are clean on your way back up. *Kisses*

  3. She can say whatever she wants…and it was true. Tell these butt hurt stans to get a job so they won’t have time to come for established artists on Twitter for telling the damn truth.

  4. But she’s not talented either! Bish was in a manufactured group and couldn’t hold a note to save her damn life. I remember when the media dragged her a– and said she sounded like a boy going through puberty. Bye!

  5. She said the truth but I’m disappointed that she backtracked. Stand by the truth. She’s acting just as fake as Rih and Nicki by throwing shade and ducking. Say what you mean and tell the stans to deal. You’ve earned the right.

  6. As typical, people come for Nicki because they’re JEALOUS of her success! She’s achieved more in a few years than legends have in decades! And it hurts, doesn’t it T? Like Nicki said, it’s easy to attack her. But it’s hard to achieve her success. Lmao

    1. *Gags* Girl have a seat. Nicki hasn’t done THAT much. Her resume reads like the typical celeb resume. Perfume, first album sells millions, second struggles, and a fake forced image. She’s on American Idol, and THAT wasn’t hard to achieve.

  7. I think she is doing this to stir up drama so she can get ratings for her new show. Something I probably won’t be watching unless there is nothing else to watch.

  8. Please, T-Boz is telling the truth and the industry is a mess and will Nicki and rihanna be remember five, ten or even twenty years for now. TLC will always be remember and their classic hits is always playing on the radio and people still remember what they brought to the industry, but now it is all about popularity, bringing in the numbers and money and doing anything and everything you can to be in the spotlight. This young generation don’t know anything about real music, smdh.

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