Is Miguel Married? His Girlfriend Addresses Rumors of Their Secret Wedding

miguel girlfriend

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is Miguel married? Rumors about R&B singer Miguel being secretly married have been spreading like wild fire on the gossip blogs. According to the reports, the singer married his long time girlfriend and model Nazanin Mandi in Vegas over the weekend. It’s been said that Miguel did not want the public to know about his secret marriage because he didn’t want to cause any friction with his growing fan base. And of course, MTO suggests that not only did Miguel get married in Vegas, but he and his “wife” got matching infinity tattoos on their ring fingers instead of traditional wedding rings. So is this true and is Miguel married?

Well according to his alleged “wife” Nazanin Mandi, Miguel is not married. She took to her Twitter account to set the record straight and let fans of the singer know he’s not married…yet.

She tweets (read from the bottom up):

is miguel married

Apparently the rumors stared when she posted a picture of her trying on an engagement ring on her Instagram account. However, she was very clear in the caption that it was her dream ring and she hoped to have one like that one day:


is miguel married

miguel married

And the rumors even spread further when she uploaded a picture of their Infinity tattoos:


miguel married

is miguel married


So if our eyes aren’t deceiving us, it appears that the infinity tattoos are a few years old and they recently got them filled in as most people do to keep their tattoos from fading. So as usual, MTO is wrong.

Just from our observation and Instagram stalking, it’s clear that Miguel has been with Nazanin for about seven years. According to some pictures, they actually celebrated their 7 year mark 3 weeks ago. But as for now, they are not engaged or married yet. But by the looks of things, it’s definitely foreseeable in the future.


  1. 7 years? Wow. I had no idea he even had a girlfriend. I too thought he was gay. This proves you can’t judge a book by its cover.

  2. The rumor didn’t sound believable to begin with. He’s not that big enough of a star to have to plan a secret wedding.

  3. Miguel has been in the background for years writing and producing. He is very talented but he scrams arrogant to me for some reason!

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