1. I’m sorry but “the sneer of your lip” and “salivating mouth” sound like she’s lifting words from a romance novel rather than speaking in her own voice. I’m going to wait for more info but as it stands right now she seems suspect.

  2. So you went up to a singer and told him that you have org-sms when you play his song Adorn, You are into S-xual Education; not s-x education. All the while you are telling us you are adjusting your hair and show us how he grabbed your breast and you almost taking your own breast out showing us, but you did not think to get the police or venue security because you froze and then thawed out to make this video and type a message. But we are supposed to take you serious?

  3. You never really know what a person is capable of but this just seems really, really suspect. If she’s lying, he needs to sue her.

  4. so wait…you tell him he makes you org-sm, he pulls out your t-tties, no one was around and you report it to Instagram…………..girl bye

    respect yourself first, who says i make myself org-sm to your songs

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