NeNe Leakes Feels She’s One of the Reasons Behind RHOA’s Success

nene leakes

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

A few days ago, Bravo announced that the Season 5 Premiere of RHOA amassed the biggest numbers in ratings Bravo has ever had for any show. Many were shocked to discover that it will be the Housewives with a predominately black cast to lead in ratings. But let NeNe Leakes tell it, she’s not even surprised. NeNe seems to think that RHOA just has a formula that works well, but of course RHOA also has something that none of the other shows have, and that’s her.  In a recent interview with The Insider, NeNe Leakes explains why she thinks RHOA is such a success and why she doesn’t think she can ever completely squash her beef with Kim Zolciak.

When asked about why she feels RHOA is such a hit, she says:

Housewives does really well because of NeNe Leakes. What I have to say is, in the frachise of ‘Real Housewives,’ we’re the only brown girls. So you can always turn on the TV and see those Beverly Hills girls, those Miami girls, New Jersey girls, those New York girls and you sort of kind of get the same flavor. But when you turn and see the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and you’re getting the brown girls.

I’m not sure if people are intrigued by us because we are doing some of the same things they are doing. I just don’t know. What I do know is we are super entertaining. We’re fabulous and we live in fabulous homes like everyone else. We have dreams, just like everyone else we have issues and problems like everyone else. I just think that we’re entertaining. I think that with us, we’re not so plastic surgery.

We’re so no scripted. We’re just a disaster! We just get up there and do it.


She was also asked about her falling out with Kim Zolciak. NeNe does not seem to think she can ever be friends with Kim at this point of her life. She says:

I don’t think she’s against me, but I will never be friends with Kim. Ever. I have just chosen to move on. Just like move on. Like I don’t even know Kim is there. Like I’m just moving on with my life. And I honestly wish her the best. I don’t think she’s super smart, you know what I mean? I don’t. I wish I did.


Watch the full interview below:


  1. There’s some truth to what she says. NeNe is a fan favorite easily. There’s something about her that people either really love or really hate.

  2. I always thought they put Kim on the show because they cast was all black and they didn’t think black girls could bring in the ratings. #TheirBad

  3. She’s right. People can identify more closely to these housewives than the others. And I do love how they all seem to be going after goals and relationships. BBW needs to pay attention and incorporate these things to their ratchet a– show.

    1. It sure does look that way. Some women get so used to wearing wigs and weaves all the time that they neglect their real hair underneath and then they start to lose it. Happens all the time. Take care of your hair ladies.

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